2012, A Year of Decision – Will We Go Forward or Back?

Happy New Year!

I want to thank you, and all of my readers, for your tremendous support throughout the past year!

Your responses to my blog posts, and other writings inspire me to keep writing about the  principles and tools of awareness that have helped me and those around me to bring greater harmony and more peace into our lives by freeing us from the victim consciousness that otherwise threatens to take us over.

Many of you have shared with me the tremendous progress you have experienced in the past year in all of your relationships, with yourselves, as well as with those around you. I treasure hearing that you are successfully applying these practical insights to your life, that you are moving away from blaming others for your unhappiness and finding instead a deeper appreciation for, and an inner acceptance of, Reality.

Let this new year be the year of Decision, a time when you choose to make a real commitment to a lifestyle that will further your life and consciousness.

The year 2012 has been slated for decades as a time when big change will take place in our world. As a date, it carries varying degrees of significance to various people and groups of people – and perhaps rightfully so.

Personally, I think of 2012 as being a time of decision on many levels. When I think of the year 2012 I see an image in my mind of our planet, our people, and ourselves standing in the middle of a path, which is often the hardest part of any journey, being asked to decide whether we will choose to stride forward towards our goals, our hearts desires, or whether we will turn back, retracting into our old, familiar and unhappy patterns.

After all, when we add the numbers in the year of 2012 together (2 + 0 + 1 +2 = ), we get the number 5 – the very physical outline of which suggests the notion of facing two directions at once! The upper angular half of the 5 faces forward and the lower curve of the 5 seems to look back.

Which direction will we choose as our own?

When we consider that the 5 is the middle number in the row of numbers 1 – 9, we can see that the 5 stands in the place of decision. Its very position and shape seem to ask, “Will I move forward into the freedom of the future, or will I retrace my steps and return to the past?

I find 5 to be an appropriate symbol for where our world, and our species, seems to be at the start of this new year, 2012. Will we stride confidently, or not so confidently, forward, or will we retreat into our old ways, back into our habitual patterns of victim consciousness?

The choice is always ours to make.

Will we slide back into our victim patterns and the negative thinking that prompts us to believe that we “can't” make progress? Or are we determined to use the tools we have learned through our growing understanding of observer consciousness to transform our limiting, unhappy experiences from the past into a life filled with peace and harmony?

Again, it is our choice.

Will we go forward or will we go back?

There is no need to judge either way. Either way is valid. Whether we move forward or back, we will progress, for it is often true that we must slide back into old patterns, knowing that is what we are doing, to get really motivated to pick up the tools of questioning our unhappy beliefs and to use the principles instead that bring us back to Reality and peace, so that we can move forward again.

It is doable. We CAN commit to forward. Progress forward is a simple choice, although not necessarily an easy one, for we often tenaciously hang on to our victim ways of perceiving the world and, of course, we suffer the consequences of that choice every time.

Standing in the light of this new year with its climate of choice and change, which will you choose?




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