Containers for Source

Creative Commons License photo credit: Heather Clemons

I like to think that we are specially made containers for Source. In the same way, a potter shapes particular vessels for particular purposes from clay (a pitcher for pouring, for instance, or as a vase for flowers, a sugar bowl etc) – we too, I like to think, were specially designed to carry Source energy a particular way for a specific purpose in life.

The problem starts when we begin to interfere with that design and purpose. For instance we may decide we are supposed to do achieve a certain thing in a particular way, or we decide we are supposed to achieve particular results in life, and so we begin to mess with our native design. Of course we can't fulfill a purpose we weren't made for so this kind of response can only lead to frustration as we find ourselves bumping up against the perimeters of our design. We end up making ourselves miserable trying to force ourselves into the shape we've decided we're supposed to be, rather than cooperating with the purpose of the design we were created to be.

We even get mad at ourselves thinking we have failed somehow because we don't fit the specifications of what we've decided we're supposed to be. We may then attempt to pound ourselves into becoming the shape and sort of container that we've assigned ourselves to be – all for the purpose of being ” of best service to Source” (when actually it's not in service to Source at all, but only to our own agendas!).

And many times, we will go even further into rebellion against our native design by taking our anger at ourselves for failing to be what we think we're supposed to be and project it on to those around us as if they are the ones who are keeping us from being what we think we're supposed to be. We fail to realize things are not working well for us because we are simply denying and fighting our design.

If this sounds familiar then perhaps it's time to try something different. Rather than trying to make yourself into something, practice aligning with the flow of Source. Allow that energy to nudge you into shape. To do so means to trust that you are who you are supposed to be already, not something you need to batter into shape. Simply put, you are someone who was made to contain and pour out Source in the ways Source decides. Practice that alignment and notice the difference.



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