Grandparents as Mentors & Guides – A Forgotten Resource?

Before you read further: This letter, though a personal one written to my grandson, may also be relevant to you, or your family. I share it here for two reasons, one, I post this letter here as a way to invite my grandson without applying any well-intentioned pressure on him to go along just because he thinks he should, Since he does not know the letter is here … he will have to find it … when (and if) he finds it, he can choose to respond or not. It leaves his response up to him. I trust that when he does find it, it will be the exact right time for him to read it. And if he doesn't find it … well that's the Universe working too.  😉 )

The other reason I post this letter here on my blog was due to my husband's request. He suggested that this is a letter that grandparents everywhere might be able to take and make their own towards encouraging them to share their multi-facted wisdom with the little ones coming behind.  And so it is that I offer it to you – and to my precious grandson should he be led to find us too. Blessings,


To my Grandson (age 11),

There is a letter writing itself through my mind and I wanted to “let it out” onto paper. It is a letter to you on the topic of apprenticeship. I asked if you might like to consider an “apprenticeship” with me, and you said “yeah, sure.” Now I want to tell you what that means, so you can consider whether it’s something you still want to do.

First let me tell you why I offered it to you…

I have been watching your talents emerge and I want to support you in developing as many of them as you are led to explore. I believe you are being prepared for your service here on Earth. (I believe, that like clay vessels that are shaped for a unique purpose, we too are constructed with the particular talents & skills we have to be useful in a uniquely distinct and particularly individual way. So I watch with interest as those close to me grow to see what they like, and what they choose to focus their energy on.

I’ve been noticing your natural interests, and seeing the possibilities you might choose as your own service to Life. I would like to pass on to you tools I have been given a long the way that can support your unfolding more fully into your life expression and what it is you offer to the world.

These tools can greatly amplify your progress in life. Through them you can learn how to consciously choose your thoughts so that they work FOR you. You can learn how to direct and focus your thought energy to align with the One Universal and Supreme Source of Energy, and receive it’s total support to realize in your life only good. God is the One Mind that everything you see or can imagine is happening within, and His power and support is available to anyone who calls upon Him.

As I watch you I see a budding array of possibilities emerging. (BTW, I encourage you to look up any words written here that you cannot define) I see a native ability and interest in understanding math, quantum physics, art, music … I see a love of language, and an incredible verbal ability. I notice your love of reading and learning through research.

Balancing all those budding possibilities, I see an agile, quick body as well, that is strong, flexible, and fast, and a real willingness to discipline the body and mind to work for you. I see a friendly, easy way with people, also that is truly a wonderful attribute for anyone who is to work closely with people. I see you as a young man who is grounded, who has the potential to tap into the Ever Present God Energy and act as a sort of a water fountain for that Source of Flow & Supply, and from which others can, through you, drink their fill.

I trust our journey in life, and so I believe that there can be no coincidence to my being chosen as your grandmother; your coming into this family is by Divine intention and purpose.

There was a time on our planet when the role of grandparents was to be teachers for the children. This made sense, of course, because they were the ones who had the greatest amount of life experience, and therefore the most wisdom to share. Grandparents were in the best position to interact patiently and diligently with the children, so that they (children) matured more rapidly, and were able to be contributing members of the tribe sooner that they might without the teachings from the elders. Plus, with the weight of teaching placed in the hands of the elders, the parents were free to do the essential work of providing for the family – I think perhaps this was intended to be the natural design of families and following it allows greater harmony and peace among the tribe.

Having said that, I do not want to push you into anything. I respect your inner guidance … and therefore your decision, whatever it is, about what I’ve written here. You DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS, remember. 🙂 I promise. It is up to you.

An apprenticeship, should you accept my invitation, is not to be taken lightly. The only way progress can happen is to follow through on assignments given, with appropriate responses provided. The way it works is that I watch your responses to let me know when you are ready to move on to what’s next. 🙂 There is no hurry. You cannot do it wrong. There is no pressure … I am not attached to your performance …

(By the way, this is a private thing between you and me … that doesn’t mean you must keep it a secret, or that you absolutely cannot speak about it to whoever you choose – it simply means that you consider why you would choose to share it with someone before you do … and that your REASON for sharing be one that furthers you and them.

The words we speak out loud transmit powerful energy (like casting a spell) and sometimes, when we talk about things loosely, we end up spewing & wasting that potent energy – especially if we are bragging or complaining! This causes us to lose out on being able to utilize the power of spoken work for something of a higher quality. (this is one reason why gossip is detrimental.)

You must not use what you learn from our work together to try to impress others; trying to be better than someone else by telling them how much you know, or by using what you know to control them for your own success, creates an energetic boomerang. We are the ones who end up suffering when we use the power of these teachings in ways that separate us from others or ourselves. Indeed it brings us much unhappiness towards ourselves, and our goals, when we use these Universal tools for our own gain. What I say here is simply Universal Law – otherwise known as Just the “Way It Is,” or Reality.

Of course, I know all about using my words inappropriately, I’ve experienced the resulting self-suffering first hand. I have experienced alienation from myself and God and learned a lot from all of it – never the less, I do not want to go through it again. I hope you do not have to go through it for yourself. 🙂 Perhaps this heads up will serve you as a “red alert” so that you can avoid that pitfall. 😉

Another thing … as an apprentice, I will not make excuses for you because of your age. You are not a child who cannot do, or does not know, better. Not to me. Of course, I will always consider your well-being and safety, as well as your lack of experience in some areas, and give you directions accordingly. I see you as being fully able and capable of hearing, understanding, and taking responsibility for yourself, and I expect that from you. It is a requirement for our work together. This means you agree to take what you learn seriously, that you agree to practice the ideas and principles shared, and do the exercises that I may pass onto you to refine your abilities for co-creating an incredible life for yourself that will be enjoyable, adventurous, and a life lived in harmony and at peace with The Creator Mind.

There will be plenty of FUN as you learn how to play with “intention” ( an idea you will learn a lot about) … what that means is that even when you are relaxed and laid back, watching a movie, or wrestling with your brother, etc you are aware and practicing conscious responses so that everything grows around you. You become the fertilizer for those around you. They soak up your energy and open their hearts and minds to you.

If the tools I describe here sound like something you want to learn, then reply to me by email and say a couple of convincing lines that prove your desire to continue. I will wait to hear from you before I say anything else to you about any of this. Your response will tell me that you found this letter, and that you are ready to proceed.

Again, it’s not a big deal if you read this and decide that it’s not for you after all. Our arrangement will not work without your willing cooperation. It HAS to be your choice which means something you WANT to do. Besides, I am not interested in trying to “make somebody learn something just because I’ve decided they should know it.” 🙂 So again, If, after reading this, you do not feel a strong desire to continue … then simply let me know that it does not call to you. Nothing else between us changes and you can always rethink it later.

On the other hand, should you WANT to go forward – here is your first assignment:

Reply to this letter by comment or email. Read the posts I write on Facebook and when you read a post that brings up a new thought, or reminds you of something, then make a short comment on the post. This will not only tell me that you are committed to the apprenticeship, but it will also tell me how ready you are to move to the next stage of learning. 🙂

I love you, Your Gr’na Lynne

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  1. This is a great idea…it reminds me of how Source leaves US similar invitations. And then…when we’ve found them, waits for our response. Similar to this letter however, we are free to choose to take detours or even walk away with the assurance that no matter what our choice may be we are still wholly loved. Or we can accept and be led…step by step back Home.

    1. What a beautiful thought, LoisAnn! Thank you for sharing this simple, yet profound comparison of the parent/grandparent role to the role Source plays in each of our lives. True, we have been invited by Source, the question is have we recognized the invitation? Blessings,

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