The Reality Formula™ at Forest Haven


  Imagine living with our family for a weekend …

  Can you see yourself sitting with us over garden-fresh meals, or sharing a walk in the garden with me?

 Can you see yourself sitting in the midst of a small, intimate group of like-minded friends, together absorbing the Guiding Principles of Reality© as  you witness them being practiced in action?

 What value would you place on such an experience?

 What value do you give inner peace?

 What is it worth to you to learn tools for peace that work even in the midst of  chaos?

What would you give to see a model on the ground of a family living, not in perfection, but at peace, in spite of imperfection, in spite of life's many challenges?

Are you ready to give yourself that experience?  If so,  Forest Haven awaits your arrival!


*Warning: When done correctly, living in harmony  appears altogether simple … and it is!  But this does not  make it automatically easy… we must learn to accept  life on its terms, rather than insist it meet our demands.  If life has to be a certain way for peace to be possible, then peace would indeed be a most rare, perhaps even impossible, experience.

Fortunately that is not the case. Life does not have to meet our  demands for inner peace to be possible. We can learn tools for  living life in a way that returns us to inner peace whenever we stray from it. What we need is a model for life lived in Reality.

Seeing alignment with Reality being lived out in everyday life shows us that it is indeed possible to move out of our unhappy story and live a life firmly grounded in guiding principles that make peace possible. We learn to see life with an observer's impartiality, mixed with a heart swelled with gratitude for a Reality that is miraculously aware of and interactive with us. We learn to cultivate a way of seeing that allows life to be what it is without needing to control or change it so we can feel better. This way of teaching is integrated into the way we share Reality with you at Forest Haven.

The Reality Formula's™ process of awakening to inner peace is the work that takes place at Forest Haven, our home – and personal retreat. We invite you to come be a student of the Reality Formula™, and to stay as a special guest in our home to experience a powerful weekend that we doubt you will ever forget.


Even the physical setting at Forest Haven appears magical. Being  here invites a dialog with Life and Reality that is authentic and  personal, as well as profoundly heart opening. Deep insights, and  magical revelations surface in the safety of the environment  found here. Expect your interaction with Forest Haven to be a big  part of your total experience; the animals and nature of this place  may indeed become a most relevant part of your healing experience.

Depending on the temperature and weather conditions, the group  work at Forest Haven generally takes place in an open-air pavilion  built on a stage on the spring-fed pond. In the mornings, mists  drape the pond, and often rain falls straight down, washing away  the dense negativity of thought and emotion that we often arrive with … our mental, emotional, and physical body is purified and made ready to start a new life.

Many times, in the midst of a pouring rain, our small, intimate  circle has sat, moved, and shared together on a dry and cozy  performance stage that is firmly set in stone, although it appears to  float on the water of the mountain stream-fed pond; we are covered  by a roof overhead that protects us and yet allows our lungs and  breath free access to the high frequency of pure alkaline mountain  air. We breathe it in and the mind begins to clear. Gratitude quickly  fills the space created by clarity.

Forest Haven is a healing place, a place of rest, and surrender, of let-go, and acceptance; we come here when we are ready to give up  the battle with the world around us, and more importantly, we  come when we are ready to surrender our right to hold on to the limiting story that has falsely defined us for a lifetime. We come ready to let it go so that a newer, more hopeful, joyful definition of ourselves, and of life, can emerge.

I've come to see that the more we trust our surroundings, the deeper we can allow our inner experience to be … and the deeper our inner experience, the more we let go into the sweet surrender of releasing the layers of old doubts and fears. Old negative beliefs and unhappy stories we’ve carried about ourselves and others for so long, begin to fade to the background … allowing us to focus more on the foreground of this present moment, which is where peace abides. The more we release the old negative, the more we rest in Reality, and the lighter our life becomes. Inner Joy is the result.


Designed for small groups, the two day intensives that take place at Forest Haven often result in deep bonds between participants who share with one another a depth of intimacy that many have never had, even with their own family members! Friendships are made that last long after the weekend is past.

But what makes it even more personal is the intimacy of the “hands on” encounters made possible for you and me. I've noticed that I treasure the opportunity to work closely with individuals who are ready for change.  I've seen that intensives that had fewer participants seem to encourage deeper interpersonal exploration. Participants appear more willing to unveil old negative beliefs, and to go deeper in addressing them openly, when there are fewer participants to witness or whose needs they must consider.

Read what a recent participant said about her experience at Forest Haven:

“I was honored to be allowed the opportunity to experience the Body Belief Unwinding Workshop at Forest Haven with Lynne and her amazing family. This was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. I view it now as more of a retreat than a workshop as I experienced such a calming peace in this atmosphere and surrounded by nature and kind souls. I believe my unwinding began the moment I got out of my car and continued through my drive home as I reflected on my entire experience. The most powerful memory I have is when Lynne and Andrew helped a beautiful young woman unwind her entire being which had been fighting disease. The intense emotional release of watching this occur was profound in me. The sharing of our personal journey was so natural and comfortable. I learned way more than I expected from my time there and with everyone, but the thing I have kept with me since that time, that I value most, is my ability to mentally and physically align now. I had been stuck in my process of aligning after doing this work for over a year. But I have the ability now, when I choose it. I cannot recommend this experience enough. It was life changing for me.” 
– Mary M

For me, the  weekend intensives at Forest Haven provide an opportunity to move closer to your personal process and so offer you support in more directly applicable ways that may well inspire accelerated leaps in consciousness. A deeper level of awareness become possible. Therefore we limit the size of registration … a group might range anywhere from four to eight participants (max). Small, but mighty in life changing possibilities – if you're ready for that kind of hands on experience with me, then check out the Forest Haven offerings.

From the flourishing gardens of summer to the warm, cocoon it becomes in winter, Forest Haven opens it arms to a select few at a time. Perhaps you know already that this small private encounter with the principles of Reality is for you. Come, then, spend time here with us, your new “family” in consciousness, as we share the heart to hearth experience of The Reality Formula™ at Forest Haven. Secure your special spot today!






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