Our Beliefs Determine Our Life Experience

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When we hold beliefs that leave us doubting that we can have what we want, we create feelings of separation within us. We set ourselves apart from the world of abundance with an expectation of lack, scarcity, thwarted dreams and goals. The result is a harvest of outcomes that validate the limitation we believe in and expect.

If we believe, for instance, that someone is mistreating us, we immediately withdraw from, judge, condemn, and/or negate that person.

“Of course!” you say, “who wouldn't? If someone mistreats me, it's only natural that I would pull away.”

True enough. There are certain situations that require physical distance, especially from someone who appears to be hell-bent on destruction.

Nonetheless, the question begs to be asked, “How does my reaction, founded on an expectation of abuse, perpetuate the abuse cycle? In other words, “What is my part in this situation?”

Upon investigation, we may recognize certain feelings are generated that go along with the thought, “I am being mistreated.” Such a belief prompts feelings of distrust and paranoia. Believing it, we not only feel alienated from others, but we feel alienated from our selves, our essential loving nature, and Source.

How do you think such negative feelings, of paranoia and distrust, influences our reaction towards the person we accuse of mistreating us? Does our behavior when we believe the thought reinforce, even perpetuate the abuse?

I know you're probably thinking, “But Lynne, the reason I am paranoid and distrustful of that person is because of my past experience with them! They have earned my paranoia & distrust!”

Possibly. Except for one thing. And that is the reminder of a universal principle that teaches,

“The world is always, and only, a mirror. There are no accidents, no mistakes, no coincidences. What we experience in our lives can only reflect our innermost dynamics.”

In other words, the belief comes first – always. What we encounter in our lives, the people and every situation we experience, can only be a mirror image of what we believe.

The good news is that the solution is always simple. It is always the same answer, no matter the problem. The answer is that we must change our mind by challenging the belief. When we address the problem at belief level we are tackling it at it's point of origin. Dealing with the root belief causes the external problem to disappear.

Blessings, Lynne

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