Victory Over Victim: Giving Up the “I Give Up” Mindset

~ may you fly free in your heart with confidence and joy ~
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“I give up” is an insidious mind set that robs us of life on every front. Instead of claiming victory for our lives, this mind set establishes us as losers who settle for scarcity, poor health and unhappy circumstances. I've worked with clients who started giving up on life as children, inch by inch, so that by the time they were young adults they barely functioned at all!

Of course, there is an appropriate time for ‘giving up.' There are lots of things that, after much deliberation and clearing, we need to give up such things as, attitudes, beliefs, jobs, addictions, relationships: things that are not furthering us need to be surrendered.

But these sorts of let-go's are not the kind of ‘giving up' I am talking about here. I'm talking about the kind of giving up that is never healthy:

The things we must never give up on are: Ourselves, Our lives, love, and Source.

Instead of giving up we reinforce our will to live everyday. And we found our lives on gratitude!

Focus your attention on Source and proclaim Victory over Victim by proclaiming such affirmations as these:

No matter how many mistakes I make I keep on going.

I never give up on me.

I rise above my circumstances by understanding that my life challenges are preparing me for better things. I am confident that my life is purposeful and that I am guided.

I never give up on my life.

I grow through whatever difficulties I face, especially through my challenges with loved ones; I me into a more conscious and forgiving person. I seek understanding rather than resort to blaming.

I never give up on love.

No matter what disease I may be dealing with, I know that healing is possible.

I will never be too old to feel my oneness with the One True Source/Reality.

I never give up on Source.

Wishing you a lifetime of never giving up!
Blessings, Lynne

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  1. Dear Lynne
    I was going through some of your previous post… reading this one, quiet spontaneously made me write this poem (eh, well, not exactly a poem…) these lines..

    With love and gratitude

    Broken, frozen,
    emotionally torn
    falling yet walking
    left to scorn

    Past so deep
    Heart skips a beat
    Struggling to figure out how to live,
    what to let go; what to keep;

    Eyes want grace,
    heart-love desperate;
    are human bondings something to create?
    or as experience shows, ‘to make it happen’ – is a task berate?

    These empathetic eyes see deep
    impulsively climbing mountains- far-too-steep;
    I reach the peak; I reach the peak;
    But with rope, hope and support- exhausted, consumed; no more;

    Only thing left to look forward to
    is the inevitable fall, steep
    The fall is deep
    or so it feels…

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