Victim Mind is Fear Based

 photo credit: prudencebrown121

Fear is the driving emotion when we are in victimhood. Regardless of what role on the Victim Triangle we may be operating out of, fear predominates because victimhood comes out of fear based thinking.

In life there are two prevailing emotional frequencies: “Love” or “Fear.” Every feeling falls into one or the other of those two categories.

Emotional responses generated by fear include anger, hurt, shame, sadness, anxiety, guilt, depression, grief, etc. Such feelings cause contraction and shut down the heart. Such feelings leave us feeling “at the mercy of” what we perceive, as victims, to be a scary world.

Emotional responses generated from love include joy, congruency, happiness, connection, appreciation, gratitude, acceptance, trust, etc. These emotional responses open the heart and align us with a higher life frequency. They are feelings that align us with a loving Universal Source that guides and protects us.

“A Course In Miracles” states that love and fear cannot inhabit the same space at the same time because they have such opposing vibrational frequencies. We are either functioning out of the lower “fear” frequency or we are aligned with and transmitting the higher “love” vibration.

Our work is to “adjust” our emotional frequency from fear to a higher frequency where love prevails.

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