Our Negative Reactions Reflect Our Own Thinking

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Ajda Gregor?i?

Every negative reaction we have comes from our thoughts – no matter how tempting it is to think that our negative response is caused by something outside us. When we think, “They're making me …” or “they're ruining my life,” we're operating out of a victim state of consciousness.

When we react to something out there we can rest assured that it's our own “story” being reflected back to us.

The job of our negative reactions is to signal us when a stressful story is dominating our thoughts. Our reaction is telling us that some denied part of our own mind, some painful belief or unresolved judgment towards ourself is being brought to our awareness for questioning and clearing.

Our growing opportunity and challenge comes from observing our reactions without turning them into external actions that we may later regret. Hold back on the outer “punch” and instead look for the thought behind it.

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