Universal Principles Worth Remembering …..

Here are a few universal principles worth remembering …. and testing out in this great scientific laboratory called life.
Deep In Thought

1. Anytime you feel irritated, frustrated, judgmental, or have any sort of negative reaction the problem can be found in your thinking – not the external situation. This is true across the board – every time – no matter how convinced you are that it's THEM, not you that is causing your distress. Attribution License by desheffer

2. Unhappy thoughts are often loaded down with a lot of “shoulds” (implied, if not overtly spoken). “Shouldville” is the primary domain of a painful, story-building ego and should immediately be suspected as coming from an ego run amuck.

3. What you resist in others will, inevitably and every time, be your own unhappy story that you've unconsciously projected onto them. Notice what judgments you have towards them and follow them in to the negative beliefs that are residing in your own mind.

4. Feelings of superiority are a compensation for inferiority and are based on a limited idea or belief about yourself. This means that when you find yourself thinking that you are better than someone else, what you are actually doing is looking for a way to feel better about your own perceived inadequacy.

5. The ones who annoy you most are your most powerful teachers for this moment. They are bringing you specific lessons which you will miss altogether if you insist on staying focused on what's wrong with them or on proving yourself to be right. Staying externally focused will keep you blaming and judging others OUT THERE and will NOT bring you peace, well-being or happiness.

6. Your business is your total jurisdiction and only concern. If you are in anyone else's business, most especially God's business – you are way outside your range of authority and can only generate misery for yourself and others.

AND last , but perhaps most essential, remember ….
7. There are NO accidents or mistakes in life. Every person you encounter; every situation you meet has purpose and meaning. This is true because the Universe is perpetually & benevolently collaborating with you towards your own awakening.

This means you are totally safe-guarded, watched over and treasured by a Universe that knows you better than you will ever know yourself.

Holey Clouds!
Attribution License by erix!

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