Liberation Through Struggle

Life shake-ups are designed to wake us up. That is their design and purpose. When painful things occur, we can choose to see them through a victim mentality that says, “Why me? …” or we can step back and ask, “What can I learn?”.

Every single painful event that has occurred in my life has been necessary and right on time for my own personal growth in consciousness – the years of drug abuse, financial deprivation and abusive & difficult relationships included.

There is nothing in life I would undo … How could I? – knowing that it took those very happenings to bring me here now – to this place of knowing that peace is not dependent on what I've done or been, but is founded instead on allowing myself to align with the messages brought through my resistances to life.

Our life struggles hold the key to our awakening. The only requirement is that we shift from the victim mind that is looking to blame and deny to that of an Observer mind that witnesses and learns from what can be seen without judgment.

May you make the shift today.

Blessings, Lynne

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