Taking Sides – Contrast through Conflict

Sometimes we are put in situations of contrast. This is part of the Universal design. How do I know that? Because it’s in alignment with the Law of Polarity and the Law of Cause and Effect. A situation of contrast is one in which the opposite sides of an issue are both active in our lives, so that we find ourselves experiencing both simultaneously.

For example: I see this principle of contrast being played out in my grandsons life. He is six and his parents are divorced. His father and mother are polar opposites in their ideas about “surviving” in life. One is focused on teaching self awareness and responsibility while the other’s primary focus is in giving things (money, toys, etc) to show love and approval. As you can imagine, their interactions with my grandson are VERY different.
When I don’t “take sides” in this situation … when I refuse to make it a problem (i.e. make one parent right and the other wrong), then I can see the wonderful opportunity this situation of contrast is offering to my grandson.
He is being given the opportunity to experience two different worlds. This allows him to feel the effects of each. Through a process of learning to listen to his own inner story he will be able to decide for himself the life frequency at which he wants to live.

When we look at the world with eyes of understanding, we can see the perfection of Universal design. In this situation, for instance I can see Nicolas being prepared, through his life experience, for that which his personal form was created to be and do here – on this plane of existence where we come to manifest our own beliefs. There are NO mistakes (so says the Law of Cause and Effect).

I see these things and the seeing allows me to relax my should and should nots around, “what’s happening to my grandson!” Seen from the viewpoint that says his family set up is perfectly designed to stretch his mind in a particular way – to bring him ways of seeing life are important for wherever he is headed. Not total predestination, mind you, because that would suppose I have no choice. No, this is not that. This is the understanding that it’s all “my” choice. My life unfolding is determined by the vibrational frequency with which I align mentally. The frequency level of my thoughts determine the choices I make which sets my frequency pathway. My frequency pathway is what is called “my life” – complete with all its everyday happenings. The quality of my future daily experience is being determined by the frequency of my thinking RIGHT NOW. That’s how I “predestine” my future. When I think negatively I am planting a painful future. It will inevitably show up. How “severe” it is depends on the degree of consciousness with which I am able to meet it.

I can better trust the process of life that’s unfolding around me … everything happens on purpose. For me. To reflect me. I am deeply grateful to a Universe SO kind … so benevolently intentional in It’s desire to bring me back Home.

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