Control Comes From Fear

Control is a defensive form of responding to our world. It comes out of fear. Fear is generated by any story we run that says “life has to go my way or I'm not safe”. It is an ego reaction.

The amount of control we demonstrate is an accurate reflection of the degree of safety that we feel.

Often we operate out of a set of life limiting beliefs that leads to an exaggerated sense of responsibility and caution. We pass these beliefs on to our children and loved ones and then they reflect these back to us through their behavior. This allows us to see up close and personal our own fears of life. They become our mirrors. That's the role our loved ones play for us. They reflect our own intense need to be in control.

Our negative reaction to those around us who are controlling comes from our own rejection of that same fear based controlling space in ourselves. We resent in them what we have not yet embraced in ourselves. They represent that in us that we have judged as unacceptable … which is why we have such an adverse reaction to them. They are showing us that fear-driven part of our own mind that believes it must control life.

Control is rampant in our world because there are so many low frequency stories we run that say we're not safe … that tell us that we will not get our needs met if we don't make it happen.

We have beliefs that say life has to happen according to our own particular set of “shoulds” and “shouldn'ts”. This creates internal resistance that is then released through attempts to control the outcomes of our lives.

Fear is created because we do not trust the Universe to be safe. As a matter of fact, we are pretty convinced that it is NOT a safe or benevolent place. Fear is simply ignorance and misunderstanding that results from not fully understanding the Universal Laws that govern this causal plane of manifestation.

As we align with those Universal principles the fear drops away. As the fear drops away the need to control goes with it. Peace and Freedom follow.

Hope these words bring peace and a sense of “let go”. 🙂

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