What is Love?


Love is the energy that surrounds everything, every creature and creation, and it's sole purpose is to unite us with our true nature, to bring us into harmony and connection with who we truly are. Love is the clear, high energy of, and therefore the presence of, Source. As the Bible says, God is Love.

Love gets a bad rap in our world, sometimes we're afraid of it, because we contaminate it with our own agendas and negative beliefs. We impose our ideas about how Love ‘oughta' be and our expression of it becomes tainted.

But Love is always present; it is in the stream of consciousness that flows through us and gives us life, breath and movement.

Love functions in all of our life circumstances. It does not always trigger happiness however. Love sometimes brings painful disclosure, in the way a blinding spotlight exposes every detail, and yet is unbearable to undefended eyes. Sometimes we are temporarily blinded by Love too, and it hurts.

We are invited through every life encounter to find and merge with Love. It is the only real thing.

One morning, during my practice, I was blessed with the realization that to stay connected with Source I must accept love in whatever form it comes to me in the world, no matter how paltry or insufficient it's offering (or offerer) might appear to be.

I began to experiment immediately in the laboratory of my daily life by making a point to look for Love in every encounter. When someone was harsh or coarse in our exchange, I practiced seeing them as asking for Love in the only way they knew how; I would see them as Loving me, for instance, when they gave their honest opinion, even if they spoke gruffly, or pointed out my flaws! I began to practice finding the Love that I am promised exists in every situation. I began to trust that I am always being Loved, even when others don't intend it. For how are we to find our way home (to Love) without those who unflinchingly, and relentlessly, mirror what is blocking us from it?

I even got to where I could thank these loved ones for their honesty, however gruff, or unkind, rather than rise up against them somehow. Instead, I have learned to look within for how their offering can help free me from my own internal gruffness that blocks Love. For do I not block Love (from myself and them) when I react to their gruffness in like kind?

Blessings, Lynne

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