The Benefit of Building The Habit Of Impeccability

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We have forgotten the art of impeccability as a spiritual tool and we suffer mightily from it.

Without the practice of impeccability we never realize what it is to reach our full potential – the code for which we carry in our cellular DNA – we never know the full extent of the unique and creative selves we came to express.

Instead we settle for mediocre lives. We get by. We do what we have to do. And we wonder why we are so dissatisfied or disappointed with life.

Why not make this moment an act of impeccability? Whatever you are doing, give it your full attention. Set the intention to complete the task with precision and excellence, whether it's chopping vegetables or cleaning the tub… Whether it's speaking to a friend or caring for a relative. Go beyond what is expected – not to impress them (though it will! ????) but FOR your own spiritual development!

Make it your habit to rise to your best no matter how great or small the task that is placed before you. Even if the task is an unpleasant one! Especially then!

Allow the practice of impeccability to be a tool for your refinement, shaping you, through its practice, into being the full realization of your own Highest and Best Self.

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