Familiarity With Source

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Totem Poles, Skedans
Creative Commons License photo credit: popejon2

Just as spending time with a person who we enjoy brings close familiarity, spending time daily with Source brings a similar sense of familiarity. Spending time with loved ones allows us to learn their nuances and ways, even their peculiarities – the same thing happens when we spend time with Source. It's how a close relationship is built. We call this phenomenon “intimacy.” Through such building of intimacy with Source we develop a deeply personal trust for Source that we can rely on.

We come to recognize and adore the sound of the voice and scent of Source. Such familiarity with Source allows us to recognize it wherever we are,  no matter who we are with.

Such thoughts describe my own relationship with Source. My heart vibrates like the heart of the lover whose beloved approaches when I am in the presence of Source. I recognize the “voice,” and feeling of It because I spend so much time alone with Source. I have an intimate relationship with Source. We know each other well from time oft spent together.

Being able to recognize the “God-scent” wherever we are, whatever we are doing, is just one of the many tremendous benefits that comes from daily time spent in a practice of alignment, connection and clearing. Such familiarity with Source is a fail-safe way to make our choices in life. Like a bloodhound on the trail, we follow the “scent” of Source and in that way we are led, moment by moment, along a life path saturated in the positive, high-frequency energy that Source transmits. It does not matter where we are, if Source energy is there, it's the perfect place for us to be.

Close association with Source allows us to let go of indecision, angst, or fear of making wrong choices;  we follow Source instead to the peace that allows us to rest in the confidence that we are on the right path. We no longer have to try to figure out things based on our own limited ideas of what's right or wrong – good or bad – acceptable or unacceptable; we simply make our choices dependent on the presence of the high frequency of Source; we choose that which transmits the same familiar, well-loved tone of Source and follow it.

Following Source has taken me in diverse, even seemingly contrary, directions. For instance, I’ve heard Source speak through the words of a Qero's Indian when he described his love for the mountain spirits in Peru, and many times Source speaks to and through me when I am with a client who is earnestly exploring a better way of life. I feel the unmistakable presence of Source everyday while practicing on my yoga mat, and that experience allows me to recognize that same presence whether I am sitting in qigong circles or singing the national anthem. I've felt Source with me in the midst of family and friends, in Christian gatherings, yoga retreats, as well as when I am all alone on a mountain top. I've experienced Source equally at times of meditation and while lying on my back looking up at the stars. I felt the presence of Source yesterday while singing my heart out at an Appalachian church singing – and then I felt it again that same evening while sitting with my husband on our pond swing gazing out at the sunset.

I have imprinted on that feeling and so seek it. I recognize Source as the energy to follow – where it is I go. I say yes to it in what ever form I find it. I look for it in every choice and if it is lacking, I choose another route. I trust this scent and voice that I have come to know so well, and I trust where it leads. It is Home.

When we recognize the undeniable, unmistakable scent of Source we can rest assured that we are where we need to be.

May we all become so familiar with the fragrance of Source that we can recognize it always and follow it faithfully.

Blessings, Lynne

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  1. Thank you, Shining Moon – may the fragrance of Source permeate your life and every relationship in it! Blessings, Lynne

  2. OMG – this is beautiful! Yes, I know this place too – but have not totally ‘imprinted’ upon it as you have perhaps. Yet, I know this place. It is a great inspiration to read your blog and refocus on that which gives me life, direction, guidance and peace. When I ‘think’ too much, I get all confused and stuck – when I rely on this fragrance of Source – it opens me up and allows me to sing! Thank you for your inspiring note of encouragement.

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