The Essential Commitment – to Self & Source

Honey, Don’t We Glow When Together!
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The simple truth is, we cannot commit to anything until we commit to ourselves.

Recognizing where we come from, and to What we are connected is important for commitment to self to take place.

Until the relationship between self and Source is our priority, we will go on chasing after illusions of acceptance through reputation and material success.

Nothing is more important than making the commitment to know self and Source through a daily practice. Abundance and everything else flows from such daily reminders of who we essentially are.

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  1. Hi Tracy,
    Practice and experience are the answers in simplest form to your questions above. When we begin to ‘act as if’ there is a Source of Power that guides, prompts, and protects us, our experience with Source increases. As our experience with Source deepens, we grow an increasing confidence in that essential Source as being the root Cause of our existence. There is nothing else.

    Years ago, I asked Source for guidance on how to cultivate my desire to make my relationship with Source my first priority. I was given this: “Arise each morning and let your first thought be of spending time with me. Come to me as if you were coming to meet your best beloved. Prepare your space for sacredness, with your favorite music, candles and a picture that reminds you of me. Start with prayer or a reading from something spiritually inspirational, a spiritual truth and then begin to stretch the body. I will meet you there.”
    I have been doing that very thing every morning since. During those times, I often receive what I call “downloads” of guidance and understanding about the things that are relevant to me in my life. I go each morning (I am on my way now) and receive the energy, healing and guidance I need for that day.

    I hope this helps you find your way to a very real relationship with Source.
    Blessings, Lynne

  2. I must admit the first time i read about connecting to source i did not understand what it really meant…..A few months down the line and my curiosity to want to feel the connection has led to a bit of understanding about it….
    I can now recognize my negative emotions and i feel its impact on me and how i view life.I have felt glimpses of a deeper connection within myself,and when i view life from that point it looks completely different and i feel more grounded and at ease with myself…
    I recognize that my biggest barrier is my inherent fear and lack of faith in my inner guidance/source…..It feels like a leap of faith in something i haven’t used before and in something i don’t see…but just know that its there….
    I feel that my mind is accustomed to seeing in order to believe…and depending on the outside information to make decisions and turning around and using the inside feels foreign to me….
    I have noticed the subconscious reactions i have to situations in my life and how other people’s opinions and judgments impact on my emotional reaction to situations.
    How best do we counteract the fear we have inside and rely on source to guide us to a better understanding of who we really are and our purpose in life?
    Another question is how do we cultivate a sense of assurance that in alignment with source we can truly achieve that which we deeply desire?

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