Seeds from Source; Grounding our “mountain-top” experiences

Creative Commons License photo credit: cliff1066

Many times I return from a “mountain top experience” in consciousness, only to find, sometimes within moments, that I am back in the density of an ego stratosphere filled with mental chatter that undermines my mountain top experience.

What possible design by nature & ego might there be for this tendency to feel totally surprised, again and again, when we return and find that we have NOT been radically changed by our visits to such high holy places?

Peace with the reality of this tendency grows as we come to understand that we are being encouraged to bring down the rich, fertilizing soil from the mountain top, and mix it with the “hard clay” of our intractable minds. In that way, we are slowly transformed into deep, fertile ground for the tilling purposes of Source.

May Source sow its seeds of truth and Life within our minds, yours and mine, as well as the mind of the whole.

Blessings, Lynne

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