Use your Life as a Laboratory to Test Spiritual Principles

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Use your life as a testing ground, or laboratory for the principles you are learning. That's what I do.

For instance:

“The world mirrors our own emotional state and vibrational frequency,”

Let's test this principle by trying the following:

The next time you are in a tense, stressful situation with someone or thing, (your pet/child/spouse/boss/etc), contain your outer reaction and look inside for an honest evaluation of your own thoughts/feelings. Listen to your judgments about the person /thing/situation and look for where you are holding the same or similar judgments towards yourself.

Now decide not to react in any sort of negative way to the situation at hand. Choose instead to look for the gift in the situation or something about it you can appreciate. Insist on elevating your own frequency by thinking positive thoughts and notice how the external situation shifts to reflect your internal adjustment.

Turn your life into an experiment for Truth. It will accelerate your movement towards peace.

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  1. Congratulations on having a year of sobriety! What a wonderful gift to give yourself! 🙂

    Along with sobriety, giving yourself permission to question old limiting thoughts that have held you prisoner for so long will allow you to move towards mental and emotional freedom.

    Glad you found my blog.

  2. I have found this to be poignant in my life as of now .I am a recovering alcoholic ,& have been sober for 12mths today .I have been sober for a longer period once in my life , but at that point I didn’t have the tools to be able to change my thinking from the preconditioned ideas & beliefs / my perception of life & the rigid way I approached life . I cannot agree more that it is I WHO MUST CHANGE if I am to grow in SPIRIT

  3. Hi Tracy, It’s good that you are suspecting your own interpretation of a situation as being the cause of your anguish! That’s such a great start!

    It can be difficult to follow our feelings in to the troublesome thought/belief that is generating our feelings, especially in the beginning. We are ingrained to think that our feelings are caused
    by the external situation – which leaves us trapped in a victim
    mentality, when in fact, it is our own thoughts that produce our unpleasant feelings.

    We can begin by practicing withholding our negative reactions in situations that trigger us. Then later, when we can take a moment to reflect, we explore our internal reactions, by asking ourselves some questions, like: “What was I feeling in that situation?” and then, “What was the thought that produced my negative feelings? What am I believing that is causing me to feel bad in this situation?”

    Once you know what your thoughts/beliefs were, question them using Byron Katie’s Four Questions and Turn Arounds process:
    !. Is it true?
    2. Do I know it absolutely?
    3. Who am I & how do I respond, when I believe that thought?
    4.What would be different without that thought?

    And then turn the thought around to its exact opposite.

    Remember the goal here is inner peace, NOT self accusation! We do this process from a place of understanding that there is only one person who can make us feel bad – ourself! Can you feel the power in knowing that?!
    Blessings, Lynne

  4. I have noticed that when i have these negative thoughts and the negative vibration going on around me,i can feel the anger and in some cases though the anger is directed at the person i am interacting with,i often feel that there is something more to it and its related to how i am interpreting the situation,or sometimes something else that may have previously happened that is still in my mind…..how do i back track to that belief or the situation that is actually fueling the anger…i often feel so caught up in the current situation and only realize later that maybe there was something else to it…..

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