Victimhood Is A Mental Illness

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Fuckin' Nut Job
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mark Cummins

The three roles of victimhood, (persecutor, rescuer, victim) can all take a serious toll on our lives. These roles take over our minds and prompt us to act in ways that generate much unhappiness.

This morning, Leon commented on my blog about a friend, a rescuer, who cannot keep a job because he feels compelled to “save” his work mates from the boss.

Leon's friend is someone whose mind has become trapped within a painful & limiting story. The friend may well believe that taking care of others is the only way he can get his needs, for acceptance & validation, met.

As a result, he is driven to throw himself into the fire for his friends over and over again. It is highly probable that Leon's friend adopted such beliefs early in life from interaction with significant caretakers, who either modeled that dynamic for him, or who, on some level, wanted to be saved themselves.

Rescuing is one expression of the state of victimhood, a mental illness that is highly diagnosable AND treatable. An educated guess says that ninety-nine percent of our world population is suffering from some degree of “victim mentality.”

That means me and you.

Using spiritual principles to understand the nature of reality and then applying that wisdom to everyday life is the road to freedom

Blessings, Lynne

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