Can’t Stand the Other Political Candidate?

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You know the feeling of total revulsion that boils up inside you whenever you see the rival of your favored presidential candidate on TV? … Notice how you can barely stand the sound of their voice – finding it so grating that you can barely even hear what they’re saying? Everything in you screams “No” to that candidate.

You’ve got it so bad that your emotional/mental balance is thrown off, affecting the way you move through every aspect of your day. You even feel alienated from friends and family members who express opposition.
If this describes you, you’re not alone – it’s the same sort of widespread epidemic that has dominated in every election campaign since campaigns began. I call it political resistance – it’s a kind of insanity that takes over the mind and emotions and leads to obsession, high blood pressure and utter dissatisfaction with the way things are.

This state of negativity is guaranteed to have you riding a roller coaster of highs and lows – from total despondency to manic elation. Your whole outlook on life is now determined by how your political candidate is faring next to you-know-who….

If this describes you, then whether you know it or not – you are showing all the symptoms of victim mentality. Yes, that’s right – political resistance is yet another expression of victim mentality.

What Is Victim Mentality?
Victim Mentality is a negative and limiting state of mind that has you feeling like you’ve been done to or like you’re at the mercy of what’s happening outside of you. You see yourself in a win or lose position; as either victim or victor – no other choice. Victim mind leaves you feeling furiously, impotently trapped and hopeless – or the other extreme – feeling totally righteously indignant. You may find yourself acting like a cornered wildcat – claws bared to all perceived opposition or gloating like a cocky rooster over his latest kill. When you see the world through victim eyes, you tend to think of those who don’t agree with you as the enemy. Pure Misery is what this state of mind produces – every time.

I've been thinking about this victim mentality and politics. Stay tuned, as I continue, over the next few days, to post thoughts about how victim mind takes over our political views and what to do about it! 🙂

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