To define the word, “manifestation”

I was thinking about the word “manifestation” and began to break it down and reflect upon its meaning.

The first part of the word, “man” not only brings to mind the concept of “mankind” but the term, “manas” as well. This is a widely used word in esoterics, particularly in Theosophy where it is known as the “thinking principle”. It is the Mind. and …”the brain is only its instrument …. Manas is the storehouse of all thoughts.” (a quote from “http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/ocean/oce-hp.htm)

The “fest” part of the word is about “festing” … the act of dancing in reflection of abundance and festivals of gratitude and celebration.

Man- I… Oh yeah … do you see the I in there? The “I” that lives between mind (manas) and celebration? When I reflect on the associations these bring all together, the thought comes that …. it is Mind and “I” brought together that, through “festing” in thankful celebration bring forth an abundance of form.
This is what it is to manifest.

Something to ponder & wonder upon.

Blessings, Lynne

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