True Purpose of Ego

Ego does have a higher purpose. Once refined and aligned with Source, it becomes that which directs the intention of the One Will. Without refinement, the ego runs us and attempts to control our world by self-will. Our wants and lower frequency desires keep us scattered and unfocused. Our attention is on the external world and so is constantly shifting from one thing to another. There can be no purpose, no peace.

A refined ego is one that has gone through the transformation of baseness to gold. In its base state, ego is totally externally focused on a limited world. It believes it is flesh and blood, nothing more, and that the world is only that which can be seen and manipulated. It operates out of early programming from a wounded childhood. It sees a made up version of reality created by its own addictive beliefs. When we are run by ego we are separated from Universal Source and from our own Vastness.

Once we become grounded in principle, we train our ego to become the invaluable servant it can be. We do that by intentionally practicing throughout the day to direct our attention on that which brings us into a higher frequency. We notice when our frequency drops and “attend” it by “intending” a higher frequency alternative.

A physical practice of some sort gives the body the opportunity to “glorify” Source. This might be considered body prayer. The physical body has an intelligence all its own and longs to ground and attune itself to Source Energy just like the mind does. It runs on that energy, after all!

Learning a discipline such as yoga, Taichi, Chiqong can be a wonderful way of learning about the body as an energetic system. We then can apply this instruction to our daily practice sessions – those times when we are alone with Source (the Beloved). Taking a pose or a move from yoga or Tai-chi and gently working it, repeating or holding it until we are able to surrender into it, are ways of finding a balance between the tension of ego and the surrender into Self. This sharpens our ability to direct Intention clearly and concisely towards fulfillment of The Greater Will of Source.

The body has so much to teach us about the ways of our own psyche. Developing a relationship with our body allows us to experience in concrete, tangible ways how the spiritual principles work in our lives. It gives us the opportunity to train ego in its true role as the “Holder of Intention” for the purpose of being a clear conduit for Source.

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