Sharing The Lineage That Was Passed Down To Us …

Like many of you, my journey started out in major dysfunction. I was the second of three, the child who would never amount to anything …” or so the story was about me in my family which was filled with addiction and rage. However, as in all things, there was a saving grace that saw me through. That saving grace was my mother's faith in things unseen which she had acquired from her own mother and her refusal to buy into the religious doctrine that was widely touted as the one and only Truth by the world around her. As a copy-editor for a fairly large publishing company, she had access to every kind of book imaginable and she shared her love for reading with me. She introduced me to metaphysics at the age of seven, and by the time I was twelve I was reading all I could find on topics such as Eastern philosophy, spirituality, spiritual masters, and the study of the etheric body.

Armed with these ideas, but ungrounded in living a practical life based on Reality, I launched full throttle into the throes of drug addiction and experiencing dysfunctional relationship. My first child, a son, was born when I was a sixteen year old bride – with my daughter following close on his heels. My life continued to spin out of control. As crazy, drama and trauma filled as those times were, I knew enough to know that nothing was by accident, that I was in dark waters for the pure experience of what it is to live in the dark, murky places, both within myself and in the world around me. And I was an eager student of life.

I was hired by a Health Maintenance Organization (based on the Kaiser-Permanente model) to work with clients, who like myself, had been living in dire circumstances brought on by addiction, disease, and or poverty, and it was while doing the intensive on-the-job training they offered their employees that I first encountered the “Drama Triangle,” by Dr. Stephen Karpman, Phd. Little did I know at the time how instrumental that tool would prove to be in my own awakening as well as in my work with others.

It was years later, after a year spent living on the streets of Berkeley, California, under the tutelage of a man who called himself a Native American Medicine Man and that I called, “Natamenaha,” that my intense Awakening began. Natamenaha gave me challenging assignments, such as moving out of my small, cozy apartment, and onto the street, and solitary sojourns of up to a week at a time in the desert, where I ate from what I foraged, observed silence, and digested peyote buttons for the visions it brought. By the time Natamenaha disappeared forever from my life (which he prepared me all along for happening) I had become a visionary – with a long way still to go.

During the year of 1980 I was encouraged by my dad, a by-then, recovering alcoholic, to go through a 28 day A & D treatment program in Chattanooga, Tn. And so my best friend, a dog named Little Bear, and I, hitch-hiked to Tennessee to start a new and sober life.

By then, I was 28 years old, my children had been “farmed out” to various family members while I pulled my act together, and the 12 step program of A.A. and N.A. helped me do just that. The program brought me the 12 Steps to follow as a guideline, and it was then that I began to integrate the spiritual principles from my childhood handed to me by my mother with the practical application of the 12 Steps. For the first time I began to find the grounding I'd been lacking. I brought my family together and within a year started working in the A & D treatment field. Before I knew it I was helping other addicts find their way back from the depths of addiction and shame to a new place of hope and a fresh start. My work in the world was launched, and by 1985 I established my own private coaching practice which continues to this day, some 30+ years later.

During these many years of working closely with individuals, families, institutions, and groups, I evolved a combination of the best of what I had been given in my work with others. From years of working in Mental Health, of 12 Step Addiction Work, and Family Systems work, as well as from years of working with Co-dependents in treatment, and then delving into Transpersonal Work with Jacquelyn Small and Stanislav Grof, and many types of Journey work, such as Rebirthing and Shamanism, I finally combined it all with the Ancient Principles originally handed down to me by my mother, and her mother before her. It was these “Guiding Principles of Reality” about how the mind and manifestation work to provide us with our own individually unique experience of the world that has given my Work a solid foundation. And THAT knowledge and practical experience from so many years of not only helping others live it on the ground, but of applying it to my own life experience that I offer to you.

Together with my son, Andrew Guilfoil, and my daughter, Jaquetta, who have received the Truths passed down to me from my mother and her lineage, we offer our service in sharing these same Guiding Principles that teach us principles to live by for instilling peace and acceptance in a world of growing upheaval and personal challenge. You will learn about how your thoughts become your personal reality, and with that knowledge how to aim your mind towards thoughts that transform your life for the better.

Expect Miracles
Join us in St. Petersburg, Fl. January 18-20th, 2019 during the height of the season at the nostalgic Crystal Bay Hotel to learn how to apply the Guiding Principles and Truth to your own life. Together we will explore how to Transform Your Life Challenges Into Opportunities!

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