Changing Focus from Bigger and Better to Going Small Instead…

Recently my inner process brought me around to seeing my work in a more concentrated way. I was looking for ways to make the services I offer more personal, more intimate … in other words, I've been thinking in terms of “going small” rather than investing in ways to appeal to more and more people.

Let me share with you what brought me around to seeing my work in a more concentrated way – how it was decided that I was to work with those who are seriously committed to freeing their consciousness from victim consciousness … with those who know there is no price too large to pay for the sake of a life changing, peace evoking, consciousness.

It came up for me recently during my morning practice, just as I was relaxing into the thought, “you’re doing a good job, Lynne,” my inner satisfaction suddenly was hit and brought back to Reality by a vivid recall of actual “mind-photos” of myself, depicting ways I have derailed, or gotten in the way of assisting consciousness. I saw all too plainly how, for instance, I had busily pursued my own agenda, for instance, of how it should all be done, rather than to wait for further inner instruction.

I saw how often my well-intentioned ideas and doings actually blocked Universal Flow, rather than allowing it to bring its healing balm through me to benefit others and myself. I realized that whenever I pursue my own plans and opinions of the way things “should” be, I resort to a sort of “frenzied doing” which only cuts me off from the Inner Voice, leaving me unable to hear it at all. I saw how easily distracted by my mission of “taking it out to the world” ,,, and I saw how doing so left me serving my self rather than serving Source. I even saw how I’d used spiritual principles to achieve my own personal goals for name recognition and financial gain! “Disgusting!” I thought and cringed inwardly, feeling sick to my stomach at the inner sight.

As I began to spiral into self-repulsion, the inner vision shifted and suddenly I was seeing the other side of the coin … vignettes began to crystalize in my mind that showed me the opposite side of me. I saw how in spite of my fumbling, bumbling ways, I had still been rendered useful by Source … and I remembered that the Universe is never wasteful. It uses everything for its own good purposes, regardless of that thing’s intention.

I could see that, even in my pitiful “know-it-all” state of consciousness, the Universe made use of me nonetheless. In spite of all the ways I blocked flow, clients and students were in fact able to make use of my sharing to better their lives. I had been provided with testimony after testimony beating evidence to that Reality.

Suddenly I realized the simplicity of my true assignment.

I saw that I wasn’t supposed to “go big!” I was supposed to go small instead!

Suddenly I could see that I was designed to work on a more personal and intense level with a select few people at a time – not so much with crowds … because the deep inner work cannot be done in a crowd … Most personal healing happens in small settings, with a few people who are intensely present for us … the very settings I had been trained in, and worked best in! Oh the blindness of those who cannot see for the opinions, like trees, that block their view!

I was being asked to take the work to a much more personal level. To work one on one … to rub shoulders and go down in the trenches with those with whom I work to guide them through a release of old patterns and energy blockages that stand in their way to mental freedom.

My greatest impact, I saw suddenly, comes in the face to face contact with my clients, when I can see them, look into their eyes, watch their thoughts leave fleeting trails in their facial expressions that allow me to personally support them in ways not possible in a crowd. I am here to take a select few through a process of learning the art of surrendering victim consciousness and to build a new consciousness, based in gratitude and trust, rather than in fear and blame.”

But then, of course, the inner critical “buzz” started. In the darkness created by eyes held tightly closed, I heard my own inner debate play out in my mind … fear versus trust … until finally, cutting straight through to the heart of the matter, I heard that familiar voice, the precise, quiet, yet relentlessly kind voice I’ve come to know so well; it said; “Do not hesitate to do what you are being asked to do to accomplish the task I have set before you to do. Take no shortcuts.”

And the value of learning the principles I've been taught for achieving peace occurred to me. And a question arose in my mind: “What do you think the value might be for a person to have the opportunity to live beside a spiritual life coach or mentor for a couple of days to help them sort through their own mental jungle of unhappy thoughts towards reframing them? What price can one put on the opportunity to receive personal pointers on attuning with Reality, and to experience the healing powers of Nature simultaneously? “

I was prompted to see that my efforts to “cast a wider net” are not necessarily what’s best for the population I am called to serve. Redirecting my focus towards the few who are committed, that know they are ready for a deeper, and authentic experience.

I arose from my practice that morning with my eyes set in a new  direction … of going small … and more personal … of creating an environment conducive to encounters with Reality and Life in ways that align us and bring inner peace.
Are you ready to join me in going small and deep into the healing waters of Reality?

Blessings, Lynne



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