On Being A Vessel …

We are made to be filled and moved by this Life Force that we call Source. We are each uniquely designed … shaped really, (much like a potter throws a pot for a specific function …) for the performance of some distinct purpose.

Yes, I am saying that we are shaped for an individual and unique purpose. But I am NOT implying that we have to go out and find what that purpose is (and get it all “figured out” :)) … no more than a milk pitcher has to go out and find its milk source! Nor does that vessel need to decide when and where to pour its contents … it will be picked up and poured from according to the needs and desires of its master.

We are like that milk jug. Our job is to contain that which flows into us from above and leave the how, when and where of Its distribution to the Master that is doing the pouring.

What a wonderful realization! To know that my duty is only in being the best container I can be! Even I can do that! 🙂

Blessings, Lynne

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