Limiting Stories

The family gathering for Christmas took place in our home this year. There were family and friends there constantly throughout Christmas week and weekend. It was a time of service, as I played the role of hostess, cook and chief dishwasher.

I got the chance to watch my story about myself in relation to each family member come up. I saw clearly that I have a limiting story about every single one of them. Here are some examples; “She just lets people carry her” … “He has such a poverty mentality” … “He has to be in control of everything” … you get the picture, I'm sure. It was so wonderful to see what I tell myself about my loved ones with the realization that it's “just a story” and not necessarily something I ne to believe or accept as “THE TRUTH”.

What is more freeing than that though, is to be able to see how what I tell myself about them inevitably turns out to reveal more to me about myself. Learning how to pay attention to the stories I tell myself about me and others and follow them in to the limiting beliefs I'm holding has become my fast track to peace.

Blessings, Lynne

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