Being A demonstration model

I believe in sharing my process with others because I see myself as a sort of “demonstration model” for the work. I (like you) am a “work in progress” who has committed to cultivating a relationship with Reality through the principles I study and teach. I believe my “job” is to report and demonstrate what I have learned (and am learning) from my daily practice in clearing and raising my consciousness. I am serious in my intention to utilize these principles and teachings in my own daily life. A big part of that commitment is to spend some time every day in some sort of practice designed to open up the energy channels, clear old beliefs and story on a physical, as well as emotional level. The more I practice the principles the deeper I experience understanding and the more peace vibrates through me. I am blessed to have this opportunity to share the work. I do it wholeheartedly from a totally selfish perspective. You see the more I pass on to others, the more I am filled by it. There can be no giving without receiving – there can be no receiving without giving. The two are one.
Blessings, Lynne

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