Moving Past Stuckness …

We hear about expanding consciousness. We want it but HOW do we get it? That seems to be the big question.

The first thing to do on this journey to a more conscious Self is to bring consciousness to the life you're having now. After all, can you be in any other life than this one you're in? No matter how much you may think you should be living some other sort of life, you're not. This is the life, therefore, that is leading you Home. 🙂

We humans tend to think we know how things should be, and we judge ourselves and others harshly when we (or they) are not doing life according to what we (often have been told to) think. So it's a miserable affair, this idea that things should be different than they are; it makes it impossible to even see, much less appreciate, how we're being guided right NOW.

Through the very challenges we face, we are brought moments of golden opportunity to align more fully with Life and Reality. Who said we shouldn't have bumpy parts of the ride?! It's the bumps that motivate us, teach us through contrast, and inspire us to transform.

Life challenges are the fire that tempers us and they are MOST necessary!

Practice seeing your life happenings as opportunities designed to help separate the true from the untrue beliefs that hold you prisoner to a false self. Reveal the true Self by shedding the mind-made stories taken on that we inherited and believed define us.

Shed those painful stories and your shining self will stand before you fully revealed. 🙂


Blessings, Lynne

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