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Let me start by saying that, personally, I do not tend to take on causes of any sort – simply because I've noticed that to take on a cause generally means I must identify one side as the victim, and the other side then must automatically become the “bad guy,” or persecutor.

To me this misses the point. The point becomes who did what to who, and how so and so suffered at the hands of so and so, rather than the more salient point, which is to ask a very important question: “What of my own mental process is being reflected to me through this life event?”

If someone physically strikes me, for instance, then my work, as I see it, is to ask myself if I am willing, and for how long, if I am willing, to see and present myself to the world as a victim? And at what cost to me?

To pursue a cause into the court system as a victim of physical abuse, for instance, might well mean that I must hold myself in that low-frequency definition of myself as a victim for years! All for the purpose of trying to make sure that my abuser pays the consequences for what he/she did to me.

Well, I already know that my perpetrator will pay for their actions whether or not I insist on it! Because I understand that the world is a mirror, I know that that person's distorted thinking will come back to him/her in ways we cannot even imagine. It's a universal law of how energy operates. All of us constantly experience the harvest of our thoughts and behavior, for such is the design of life, and hence comes the Biblical quote, “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”

I know, I can imagine you saying, “but wouldn’t part of the abuser's consequences be for me, as the victim, to file charges against him/her, or to testify against them in court? Yes, it certainly might be! That is a personal choice each victim of abuse must make … and part of making that choice is to ask ourselves, as victims, what we need to do to best take care of ourselves towards a speedy return to inner peace and acceptance of Reality?

Again, the important question is to ask ourselves how long we are willing to reiterate to ourselves, and to the world around us, the story of our abuse – a story that defines us as victims and keeps us constantly reminding ourselves and the world around us that we were victimized.

The importance of this question becomes abundantly clear when we understand that every time we repeat our story of abuse, we reinforce a painfully limited definition of ourselves that holds us on a vibrational frequency pathway that will only guarantees that we go on living and experiencing life through a “victim” mentality.

So how do we handle this situation instead? The best and easiest answer, is a preventive one:

We start by teaching our children from an early age (both girls and boys) that they are the ones who determine the quality of their life through the thoughts they line up with.

We share with them the truth that there are no “chance encounters” with the people we meet. We teach them that they are attracted to, and attract to themselves, those who reflect their own beliefs. We learn to adjust our thoughts to a higher frequency when we need to (by cultivating gratitude, and acceptance of life on its own terms, for instance), so that what and who we encounter will be a reflection of our own inner peace, rather than to operate on a low-frequency energetic pathway that parallels abuse of any kind.

Another thought:
I don’t know about you, but if I had just been abused, I would be wanting to know how to get myself off that vibrational frequency pathway as quickly as possible! I would be far more interested in moving beyond the victim mentality, than to get bogged down in a low-frequency definition of myself as a wounded, irreparably damaged human being whose wounding must be avenged! (Again, remember, universal law guarantees that each of us will reap the harvest of our own belief system; if one lives by painful, evil beliefs, than one will reap a life harvest of the same frequency.)

I am very aware as I write these words of how potentially “triggering” they might be for those who do not understand the universe as an energetic system. I hope I am presenting my thoughts clearly and not coming across as someone who is trying to protect abusers, but rather as someone who is taking a firm stand for the real solution for this mental disease  I call, ‘victim consciousness.'

I have seen again and again that it is not the things that happen to us, but how we think about the painful things we experience, that determines whether we are victims, or not.


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  1. Thank you, Paul. I agree with you – I don’t know about how tired people around the world are of such victim consciousness, but I do know it exhausts me to live in that consciousness! I pull out my tools for peace and work the transformational magic on my own mind asap when I recognize victim thinking has overtaken my sanity! Life in Reality is such a relief!
    Blessings, Lynne

  2. Lynne, your comments show your profound wisdom and I honor you for that. You are contributing by example to an awakening that is taking place on the planet at this time, for the truth is, there are no victims and people all over the world are exhausted from holding onto such consciousness. So thank you so much and carry on with your head high and love in your heart always. Blessings…

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