The Realization that Frees Us from Victim Consciousness

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The shift out of victim consciousness occurs when we realize that neither the cause for, nor the remedy of, our pain can be found in the external world. What we experience in life originates through the thoughts we believe about ourselves and the world.

The sooner we stop blaming others and demanding answers from them to questions like, why did you do that to me? or How could you leave? – and start asking ourselves more relevant questions like, What are you reflecting to me?, What of my own limiting beliefs are you showing me? or What have you come to show me about my relationship with myself?, the sooner we move into alignment with Reality, which is peace.

When we begin to see the world as that which reflects our own mind, instead of as an outside separate force that is bent on our destruction, we find Reality. Because the world in Reality is just that, a mirror, and it can be nothing else but that. It's not designed for anything else.

But when we think of the world as something outside us that controls and acts upon us, we go into defense mode. We arm ourselves with responses designed to protect us from “them”; we try to control our life situations, we strike out against others: in essence, we live life in reaction, like a ping-pong ball being bounced about … We see the world as a big, bad boogie man, or something we need to manipulate into giving us our way. Such is the life lived in victim consciousness.

When we align with Reality, we see the world, not as something that is doing to us, but as a friendly source of intelligence that gives us a constant heads-up on the painful, limiting beliefs we are currently living out, in much the same way that a mirror ‘informs' us when we look in it.

Life is like a puzzle that we're supposed to fit together. We stand back, (in observer mode) and look for patterns, possibilities, and then we pick up a piece and let life guide it to the place it fits. We discover how the pieces are supposed to fit together (because we know they do) and we allow the fit, and in doing so we move towards seeing the bigger picture. We witness and enjoy life, or we try to mash pieces into places they don't fit, into places we've decided they should go, the way we want them to go, and then wonder why nothing seems to work out right

The key is to make the shift. We must shift our gaze away from seeing the world as an outside, scary force that must be conquered, controlled, or avoided, to seeing the world as the mirror that it is. Practice it every day until it becomes your default viewpoint of the world.

Read my book, Guiding Principles For Life Beyond Victim Consciousness (you can download the first three chapters free!

In ‘Beyond Victim Consciousness,' I share the step by step process that I used for making that shift in consciousness, from victim to observer consciousness; it is a process I use every day.

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If you are ready for a different relationship with the world, one that expands your capacity for contentment and peace, then I highly recommend it.

Blessings, Lynne

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  1. Yes, it is quite an extradinorary concept to see these “enemies” as “golden keys, given to us to take and unlock the doors we have bolted shut all these years?..

  2. It can be a scary thing to see the world as a mirror, seeing how much we ourselves have been living by the same ego defenses that we accuse our “enemies” of. For me, having the knowledge that for all of us these ego masks are trying to give us our identity, trying to be held in place to continue to cover over the fear, anger and grief that we have suppressed is key. Many will wait for someone else to help them with these blocks of frozen feelings all their lives secretly hoping like you say that the answers are outside of ourselves to find. But these “enemies” are golden keys given to us to take and unlock the doors we have bolted shut all these years. So the question to answer is: Am I willing to allow myself to begin to feel to heal? For those of us who have lived numb most of our lives, this is the first fear we confront. It is not odd at all for those who find themselves feeling like they will die if they begin the process of using what the mirror of life gives them as a key to start unlocking their emotional feeling selves. I give this as encouragement to anyone who is confronting this fear today.

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