Seeking Thoughts That Generate Peace Instead of Pain

In life, pain is inevitable, the suffering is optional...
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I believe that to move out of victim consciousness, we must replace our old way of looking at the world with a set of guiding principles that provides a more healing framework for understanding the terrible things we go through.

Since I see the world as a mirror, I trust that those people who act destructively towards others will reap the full harvest of their acts – on some level they will experience that which they have done to others. It is the way it works, and certainly, I might report them, or move away from them as part of taking better care of myself.

As someone who has endured a childhood of “bad”/hurtful things at the hands of others, (and benefitted from years of therapy, as a result) I simply came to realize that the kindest, most effective and healing thing I could possibly do for myself was to move into a space of self-love. I noticed that it was not kind nor loving to me to see myself as a victim of abuse.

I am NOT saying that I denied what happened to me – I simply realized that I would be much better off if I could understand the painful events in my life in a way that left me feeling peaceful, rather than left feeling hurt, anger and betrayed. Such negative emotional states, I recognized, did not serve me well – and once I discovered that it was my thoughts that created my emotional state and not external circumstances, I began to invest my thinking in thoughts that were healing, rather than perpetuating thoughts that left me feeling hurt and angry.

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