The Miracle of Believing

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My daily practice is my morning hook-up with the Universe and with the Living Intelligence that continues to enlighten and heal me. For instance, a couple of mornings ago, I went to my studio feeling physically low. I had been dealing with a head cold and body aches for a couple of days and now the cough was moving into my chest. I hadn't slept well the night before, and was feeling rough in general.

As usual, I started my practice by setting my intention through prayer, and then I began to slowly stretch, opening the body and, at the same time, monitoring the incessant mind-talk. There seemed to be more low-frequency, negative chatter than normal that morning. I realized I was running a lot of mental noise about my health and what it meant that I was sick. (Having dealt with liver disease for several years, I tend to jump into mental worse-case scenarios about my health anytime I feel physically out of sorts.) To aid in clearing my mind, I started questioning some of the negative thoughts I was telling myself using Byron Katie's “Four Questions and Turn Arounds.”

Suddenly, while standing in fully aligned Tadasana, with my arms lifted up to the heavens – I had the absolute conviction that complete healing was immediately available for me in that very moment. All I needed to do to realize it, I suddenly knew, was to BELIEVE it. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Universal Source knows no limits – there is nothing that could possibly limit its power and I also knew that the only thing that could keep me from receiving full healing was my own lack of belief. For one split second I chose to BELIEVE. I felt my body resonating with absolute knowing that I am loved by a Source that can, and would heal me.

I felt the energy charge through me, the way I imagine electric current must feel when it moves through something, and I knew I had received healing. And then, just as quickly, I felt some degree of limiting belief return. (It seems, so far, that I can only hold onto that total belief for a few seconds at a time.) But it was enough. I felt the difference in my body immediately. The head and body ache was gone. The cough was gone and has not returned. My energy was restored to normal. It was nothing short of amazing! I would even say miraculous – except that the definition of a miracle requires not knowing how it happened – I, however, felt like I did know how it happened.

I knew that my ability to receive the healing jolt of life energy that restored my health was due to my cooperative allowance of it. It was my ability to believe in it. I saw plainly through that experience that the only thing that stands between me and the total abundance of life through Source is the degree to which I hold on to disbelief; the disbelief created by limiting stories I believe without questioning.

I pray that Source will heal my unbelief, and yours – if it be as much your heart's desire as it is my own.

Blessings, Lynne

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  1. thank you Lynne , i was really need something to remind me to turn back to the Source , even we r believing in different religion but we r all beleive in one source which give us the real healing to start over and overcome difficylties of our lifes , thank you again and God bless you

    1. You are welcome, Amina. Source goes beyond all religious boundaries; Source is simply the universal, and one true Reality. Blessings, Lynne

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