Verifying Belief

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The ideas I present throughout this blog are ones I've gathered from literary sources, from my travels & life experience, and from actual study with masters of my choosing; I've observed these ideas at work in the lives of those who confide in me and I've experimented with them in the laboratory of my own personal life. I have verified them to my own satisfaction and that is why I feel comfortable in speaking so authoritatively about them.

Creative Commons License photo credit: DaveBinM

As an example, I have experimented with the idea that our life experiences are determined by what we believe (rather than being determined by external factors). I have taken that idea into my yoga practice by experimenting with a particularly challenging pose. While doing the pose, I tune in to what my thoughts are about it. I listen for thoughts like, “I could never do that,”that's too hard,” I will get hurt if I try that,” I will look stupid,” my body is not strong (flexible, healthy, etc) enough,” I'm past the age when I can do those kind of poses,” etc and I notice the effect of those thoughts on my performance of the pose.

I have noticed, without fail, that my success with the pose dramatically improves when I begin to doubt or question the nay-saying thought. The difference between what I am able to do when I blindly believe the thought as opposed to doing the same pose while questioning it has been nothing short of dramatic – every time! Such experiments leave me with the hypothesis that it's our degree of belief that determines our ability to achieve on every level. What holds us back is disbelief – always.

But here's the thing … It's difficult (maybe impossible) to believe, beyond a shadow of doubt, in our own abilities/powers to accomplish what we've decided cannot be done! We are too quick to see impossibilities. The solution? We must believe in something bigger than ourselves. Developing a relationship with Source allows us to transfer our belief from our own paltry resources to The One we can believe in without falter.

The more unwavering our confidence in Source, the more miracles we will witness in our lives.

Increase your faith in Source by testing these ideas out in your own life and watch the quality of your life exponentially increase. Whatever it is, know that Source can achieve it through you, and it will be so.



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