Courage and Passion Comes Only From Conviction

Our passion for something is determined by our belief, or conviction, in it. From such conviction comes courage to stand and share what we believe passionately. The rule is this: From deep conviction comes the passion for it, and out of such passion, courage is born.

Or another way of saying it is this: I cannot be passionate about something I do not believe in, and the absence of passion results in doubt: I waiver and stumble; I lack passion for that which I do not believe in whole-heartedly. And this is true on every level, from the small daily choices we make, all the way to the  Cosmic Choice of Source.

We do, each and every one of us, choose what to believe in – we choose our convictions; we either choose consciously, or  we do it unconsciously. And if we are wise in understanding the power of conviction, we  choose carefully that which we will believe in, because we know that what is chosen will set the vibrational frequency, or tone,  of the life we experience.

Fear sets the ultimate low-frequency tone. Should we choose to invest our whole-hearted belief in fear-producing convictions, we will encounter and experience low frequency outcomes in our life. Love, on the other hand, generates the ultimate high frequency tone. So if we choose love-producing convictions, we will experience the high vibrational harvest that matches it.

The amount of fear present in our life indicates a lack of conviction for that which takes away fear. The remedy  for fear lies in making a conscious choice to believe totally, without waiver, in the highest frequency possible; what could that be but Creator Source? Only through such conviction to the Highest – only with complete faith in The Chosen – are we able to feel the undaunted courage it takes to share whole-heartedly, unabashedly, and  passionately, our love for, and from, Source.

Without deep-seated conviction in the Highest Frequency of Source, we are ruled by  a natural, innate “fear of man.”

Fear of man comes from a low-frequency conviction. For instance, when we firmly believe that others can rob us of life and happiness, or that we must appease those around us so that we can feel safe, accepted, and respected, and when such inferior convictions predominate in us, we will experience the low-frequency harvest that goes with those fears. Such fear-convictions prompt us to expect judgment, rejection, attack, or vengeance from others, and prevents us from realizing the harvest of higher-frequency convictions. Rooted in fear, we become ruled by low-frequency convictions that then prompt us to react in “wickedness.” (fearing we will be hurt, we attack)

The following verse comes to mind: “.. wickedness will not release those who practice it.” (Ecclesiastes 8:8) When we align with low frequency beliefs/convictions, we are doomed to experience the harvest that aligning with such low-frequency brings. A fear conviction, of any kind, prompts a reactive/defensive response to life that inevitably culminates in pain. It's a Universal Law that what we align with dictates our life experience.

So we must choose consciously, carefully, and wisely, therefore, what we believe in. Our convictions create a belief “bubble,” of sorts, within which we manifest and experience our world.

There are billions of such “belief-bubble” worlds created – some seven billion (the world's population), to be exact,  of these “conviction bubbles” exist – within each “bubble” one of us resides. When these “conviction-bubble” worlds encounter one another, they either clash (“That's NOT how I believe!”), or they coalesce into Oneness.

I choose daily to deepen my conviction in a Creator Source that is ever benevolent, always supportive, and eternally guiding me into coalescing with Itself, so that I might experience the joyful harvest of That union.  May that be your choice as well.









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  1. Thanks for the thought and your conviction to write. I see you draw the ultimate source in a creator and you give a verse from the Bible. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, does this mean you are a Christian, a Christ follower? In making the connect in what you wrote, if you have not identified who this creator is, than it seems one is still ruled by the natural, innate fear of man. It is only another lesser than the True Creator – Jesus Christ.

    1. Dear KR,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and inquiry. I DO indeed have a personal relationship with the Christ Energy that lives and moves and has Being through me.

      I have come to personally believe that moving beyond victim consciousness is not possible without belief in Something Greater than ourselves. We cannot save ourselves from fear, or disease, or the chaotic world around us, but there is that which CAN save us … and that Something is a personal relationship with Love. “God is Love” “Love conquers all.” There is nothing greater than love. I believe that Christ demonstrated what it is to live a life of Love, beyond victim consciousness. He showed us what it is to live in Love and forgiveness even in the most terrifying of circumstances. We are blessed to have the Christ model to turn to during times such as these in which we live. To live a life with the sort of commitment to Love that Christ demonstrated is my deepest desire.

      Beneficient Blessings to you. Lynne

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