The Three Faces of Divine Self

In Christianity we learn that we are all made in God's image. Modern-day Christianity, as well as the ancient mystical teachings, describes God as being three-fold.  This three-fold nature of God is called the Holy Trinity. If indeed we are all made in His image, then perhaps we, too consist of this same three-fold nature.  Perhaps every human being contains a trinity and, in fact, sacred geometry claims this to be true. Sacred geometry teaches that all things start from what might be called a “tri-cell.”  “For it is written that the foundation of all things is the three.” (*Manley P Hall; The Secret Teachings of All Ages) This is why mystics and ancient philosophers, such as Pythagoras, used the equilateral triangle as a symbol representing the three aspects of divinity in God and man. This trinity remains essentially whole and untouched at the center point of the fully formed physical body.  This means that the tri-cell is located precisely at the base of the spine, known as the “root chakra” in Eastern philosophy. What a wonderful affirmation of the God within to think that we too might each contain a reflection of the Holy Trinity!  This, then, is our divine center.

We are taught that the Holy Trinity represents the three personalities of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each symbolizes a specific divine attribute with its own distinct function or purpose and individual set of principles.

The Father is the masculine principle that signifies the One Mind. Because He is the origin of all the thoughts in the universe, He is often described as “Germinal Reason.” Bringing life and creation by penetrating matter with clear-headed acuity and analysis, He is just and strong. Serving as the Great Overseer of all mankind, the Father sits on His mighty throne holding the sword of truth and righteousness and governs with sound reason over His earthly domain.  He is the active and rational principle of the cosmos.  He is the Law and denotes the right use of power.  He is the Builder and the source of all activity.  He is the Great Manifestor. The Holy Spirit is the aspect of the Trinity that seems to be least understood. The dictionary simply defines it as the “Third person of the Christian Trinity.”  A great deal of mystery has surrounded the Holy Spirit for centuries.  Perhaps this is partly because of the early church's resistance to attributing a feminine face to God.  There are many who believe that the feminine has been left out of the Trinity.  To the contrary, it seems the feminine is not missing at all, for the characteristics ascribed to the Holy Spirit, even as elusive as they may be, fit well the feminine archetype. References in the Bible allude to the Holy Spirit with phrases such as, “… helps us in our weakness…” and “… intercedes for us….” (Romans 8:26) Biblical attributes of the Spirit include, ” … love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control…” (Galatians 5:22) Some of the Gnostic and ancient writings show no hesitation in openly proclaiming the Holy Spirit as the Divine Feminine. She was referred to as “Aima, the Great Mother … from whose body the generations issue forth.” (*Manley P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages)  From such references we recognize that the Holy Spirit is the nurturing, care-giving aspect of Divinity.

Known as the Great Comforter, this aspect of the God-head brings consolation and inspiration. When asked, the Holy Spirit intervenes for us in much the same way a good mother might run interference for her child.  She holds the memory of who we truly are; she knows our highest potential. In her vast remembrance is contained all we have been and can become. From her unsurpassed compassion and understanding of what has been and can be, all intuitive powers flow. She is the vessel of receptivity from which great things are conceived and held in gestation until the time is right for delivery.

The third aspect of the Trinity is the Son.  He represents that which has been created, the product or manifestation of God-head.  He is the Logos or the “Word,” born from the union of the other two.  The Bible describes Him as “The Word became flesh … who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” (John 1:14)  “For the law was given through Moses…” but “…grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” (John 1:17) He represents the principles of love, truth and surrender. By illustrating the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, He is the Way-shower and the Great Transformer.  He is the bridge between Heaven (Father) and Earth (Mother) and between our own Higher and lower selves. Modeling the path to transcendence through service, He is the sacrificial Lamb of God. These are the three aspects that are demonstrated as “personalities” of the God-head.  They do not belong only to the One External Source, they are also aspects contained within every human being. These divine attributes are the direct expression of all that is authentic within the human personality itself.  They make up our innermost reality, the core of our eternal essence. Rather than being something “out there” which belongs to an unapproachable and distant God, these attributes  “in potential are contained within the “tri-cell” dwelling within us. This then is the seed of our potentiality, the birthright that we all have the right and responsibility to realize. We might think of it as our own embedded “cosmic chip” designed to mirror to us the One External Source from which everything comes.  This cosmic chip, our own individual spark of Divinity, is what we refer to as our Higher-self.  It is this receptor site for Source that links us to the eternally present and ultimate Creator Force.  It is this connection to Source at the very core of our being that we appear destined to forget.

For long before we recognize that there resides within us that which is sacred we come to experience the “holy trinity” in its inverted or “shadow” form. We will come to know these dark expressions of trinity first in negative detail as we play out the shadow version of these three roles on what is known as the Victim Triangle (see article entitled “Three Faces of Victim”). To some degree, we all experience the chaos and turmoil of victim-hood, for it is part of the design of living in this reality.  The symptoms of victim-hood _ alienation, isolation and shame _ are all part of our birth, growth and change process.  This experience of separation and pain is not something that happens accidentally.  Separation and alienation are the primary illusions that we take on as soon as we put on a body suit.  This state of consciousness is pre-ordained and necessary for participating in the human experience. We are here to experience the trials that accompany alienation for the purpose of expanding our consciousness to the point that allows us to reclaim our birthright – the holy trinity within.

Lying mostly repressed and dormant, it is this reminder of our divine origin that holds the blueprint for our full potential the same way the acorn holds the map of unfolding for the magnificent oak. Though forgotten, our inner trinity continues to radiate goodness and guidance throughout life, awaiting a time when we will once again remember and awaken.


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  1. The “old untrue stories” are the ones that cause you to suffer. It is not what happens to us, but what we tell ourselves about those things that cause us to feel what we feel.

    Whatever you believe you will see more of. It’s what you expect, and therefore it is what you unconsciously choose …

    If you do not see Light & Love as possible, then it will not be. If you choose to see peace, then regardless of what is happening, you will be focused on peace.

    It is our beliefs that choose the probabilities we experience repeatedly. When we become aware of the limiting beliefs we believe, we take the first step in standing back from them, so that we can question them, and choose a happier possibility instead.

  2. Lynne,
    I just seem to keep spinning my wheels” in trying to reach the divine within. My situational setting just keeps me fighting to let go and accept, find myself and be free.
    How can I break free of the spin and find myself whole??

    1. Hi Cindy, When you believe you are “just spinning your wheels,” how do you feel and act. What does that belief bring to your life? The first thing we do on this journey to Self is to bring consciousness to the life we’re having. After all, can you be in any other life – no matter how much you think you should be? This is the life that is leading you Home. 🙂

      But we, humans, are so busy telling ourselves that things should be different than they are, making it impossible to appreciate how we’re being guided NOW. Through the very challenges we face, we are being granted moments of golden opportunity to align more fully with Life and Reality. Who said we shouldn’t have bumpy parts of the ride?! It’s the bumps that motivate us, teach us through contrast, and inspire us to transform. They are the fire that tempers us and they are MOST necessary! Practice seeing your life through a lens of understanding that knows that the way we reveal our true selves is through the process of shedding the untrue selves we made-up or inherited, made up of all the limited, unhappy stories we have come to believe define us. Shed those old stories and your shining self stands fully revealed. 🙂 Blessings, Lynne

      1. Lynne, thank you!
        I just don’t know what the old untrue stories really are. It all seems so real And hurts so much!
        I just keep being aware of all the darkness.
        I am old enough to have less life in the future than I have already lived.
        NOW just is the same as ever, I am just lost in the shadows.
        Maybe in another life I will get to see Light& Love?!?

  3. What a joy to see that the three negative faces on the victim triangle have three divine faces, and that these three divine faces reside within me.

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