On Being An Authentic Teacher

When we commit to the work of personal transformation (which means clearing and aligning our emotional, mental and physical bodies) and begin to learn the Universal Principles that apply to that process, we automatically initiate a path of modeling “the Way” for others. Those who know us, our coworkers, friends, and family, begin to see positive changes in us and often start asking questions, wanting to understand what is responsible for the increasing confidence and calm that they see. As our transformation becomes more visible they, in turn, start to turn to us for counsel. In this way, whether we plan to or not, we become teachers who demonstrate through our own life example what it means to live a conscious life. In other words, we inadvertently become teachers of consciousness for everyone we encounter!

Since, through our own transformation, we are naturally going to affect others, it might be helpful to bring some understanding as to what the difference is between true teaching and the ego-driven desire to control, that often passes for teaching. What follows are my thoughts along these lines.

A teacher is more than just an expert on some subject. As a matter of fact, the closer to becoming a master we get, the more we realize how little we really know about anything! But that’s not a problem, because a real mentor knows that the most profound teaching comes from something besides ones own storehouse of information anyway. The definition of a true teacher is a person who knows that he/she is simply a conduit… a hollow reed… through which the One-Reality moves and speaks. The lessons, and creative wisdom that may come through someone we call “teacher” do not belong to that person … it is not a personal “new discovery” or “truth” that we stoop to share with others as though they were below us. True teaching is an art of surrender – the learned ability to surrender to that which flows through us in the form of wise words and working truth. Authentic teachers understand that what they know is not nearly as important as the ability to lend themselves for use as conduits for the Stream of Consciousness available in this moment. What comes through us does not belong to us but is the same truth that is available to all through the Infinite Origin of everything that is.
The most important quality of a real teacher is the ability to surrender to the real Master Teacher —Source. The authentic teacher understands that hooking up to Source is the only way real teaching gets done. But Source, as we know, is only available to us in the present moment. So the first requirement for “hooking up” is to show up – right now. That means that whatever we are doing right this moment gets our full attention. Showing up with the intention of hooking up is all there is to it. However, I am of the opinion that one of the best and most intimate ways to connect with Source is to offer ourselves as vessels for service. For a servant is what a teacher really is. As teachers we are dedicated to serving, but not from the role of the self-sacrificing martyr. As true teachers we understand that we are being served even as we serve. This is because every time we invite Source to use us as servants (i.e. teachers), we too receive multiple blessings. We are being filled by an infinite love and understanding that, as it radiates through and out to others in the form of “teaching”, will automatically replenish and refuel the vessel through which It moves. What better way to spend our time than in the company of the Master Teacher! I cannot imagine anywhere I’d rather be than in merger with Source. The rewards of such service are tremendous… which makes it easy to understand the truism that states “to give is to receive”.

An authentic teacher knows that true teaching is never a one-way street. When Source teaches through us, we are being taught right alongside those who would be called “student”. A true teacher understands that to teach requires that we remain perpetual students, ever learning from the experience of life. We must be open to what each person offers whether they know they are teaching us or not. As life teachers we see everything that is happening around us as messages — we constantly relate to life as a classroom opportunity and we understand that every one who comes to us in the guise of student has really come to teach us something just as important as that which they have come seeking through us. The teacher/student relationship is never only a one-way encounter… not if real teaching is going on. We are learning even while we are fully engaged in instruction.

A teacher does not aspire to appear superior because of some “knowledge” we may have over and above others. Actually how much a teacher knows does not make us more or better than anyone else at all. For it is the clarity of the vessel and not how much is contained therein that determines a teacher’s potency. The amount of wisdom that a teacher demonstrates will be in equal proportion to the amount of Source Energy that is able to move freely through them. And the capability of flow has to do with the degree of surrender to the inner flow of Source.

Surrender comes as the natural result of clearing the vessel of resistance in the form of old calcified fears and angst. The amount of Flowing Essence we transmit is determined by how clear we are of the old blocked energy— the emotional charges that we carry from unresolved childhood occurrences. As we dissolve our old limited stories, our defenses decrease accordingly and our ability to surrender increases along with our capacity for the flow of Source. The more Source energy we are able to conduct, the more potent our teaching becomes! So the true teacher is committed to a process of clearing away resistance that come up in the form of defenses and negative reactions. The outside world is a mirror that reflects that which is within us that needs compassionate resolution.

Authentic teachers understand that “God is Love”, and that Love is an interchangeable term for the Living Consciousness that I refer to as Source Energy. It is the flow of Love that is the uniting energy in all things — that which fills and feeds everything it touches. This energy gives life to everything there is and we are simply its vessels. As teachers, our task is to consciously channel this Love energy as directed by Source.

When we are teaching from ego, we think we need to decide what is best for the student. We are ever mindful of the need to keep our students aware that we have the knowledge that they seek. We are all about saving face, being right, and in charge when ego teaches.

As teachers we limit our effectiveness when we believe we are the ones that have to give to or do something for others. Then we end up taking on some need to impress others, prove how much we know so we can educate or somehow get them to change. We think we are the ones doing something … but when we are operating out of a place of authenticity we understand that all we need to do is be willing to show up and connect with a Source of Energy that knows each individual need and can meet it effortlessly. The teaching comes through, not from us. Again how clear we are will determine the effectiveness of our message. The more clogged up with personal ego we are the more distorted what comes through will be.

Real teachers, on some level,

understand what the Queros Indians call the Law of Ayni, which is the understanding that once you learn something new you are obligated to teach it. This is what they call “practicing good ayni”. Under this law every teacher is duty bound to share what they know with other teachers. This is what we do here … share what we are learning with each other. As authentic teachers we refuse to hold back what we know out of some fear that they may get ahead of me if I share my discovery. That kind of thinking is an ego operating out of a scarcity mentality and only creates constriction which, in turn reduces the flow of Source. In this way we are each teacher and student… with the important charge of supporting each other towards ever increasing consciousness with Source at the helm. We can relax … knowing that all we really need to do is show up and surrender and that Source will do the rest. And what comes through is fresh and alive and without pretense. This is what teaching with Source can show us… this is what I desire for each of you to experience. The world needs more authentic teachers. Will you accept the challenge?


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  1. The simplest answer to your question, Maryam, is this: to become a better teacher, more accepting of others, and less attached to the idea of service as being abusive, become a better, more accepting friend to yourself.

    The best teachers are those of us who understand that we, too are students, and we know that the very best way to learn anything is to teach it to others. Teaching what we want to learn is a serious part of the learning process.

    Being a woman who disliked women, and who now finds herself working with them, may indicate an internal dislike for your own “womanliness.”

    Perhaps your dislike for women is related to a heretofore unrecognized belief that says women are subservient – “… and I will NOT be subservient to anyone!” (I can hear you thinking ;))

    If this suggestion seems on target, then it would make sense that anytime you find yourself in a role of service, your fear of being subservient gets triggered, and you go into a negative mental state that ends up being counterproductive to your teaching efforts.

    Please understand, I am only guessing here based on my work with many women who have said similar things to what I read in your words above.

    If there is credence to my words here, then I suggest that your teaching will dramatically improve as you question your own beliefs about what being a woman means to you. Ask yourself how you feel and act when you believe that being a woman means you are weak, at the mercy of, or subservient to others – in particular, men.

    Ask yourself if you can accept your own womanhood without seeing yourself in the role you blame the world for holding against you as a woman. External change always starts with an internal mind-perception shift. Go in, love you more, accept you more … and watch what happens.

  2. This is so true but I have a question. I am a teacher and I am teaching women psychology in Iran. I was hateful from women years ago and now I am working just with the women! My problem is just with the serving part. something in my soul doesn’t like to serve other people maybe because I am so worry about abusing. Also I have a problem with emotions and I cannot take critiques properly. how can I help myself to be a better teacher?

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