Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part four)

Last post, I spoke of how I was led step by step back into a conscious relationship with my own Master, the Christ. It appears that Christ did not fully reveal himself to me until He knew I was ready to accept Him. He had to bring Daniel into my life first as part of the preparation of bringing me back to my spiritual roots.

Daniel is a practicing Seventh Day Adventist, and he is the first man I have been personally involved with that takes seriously the idea of living the life that Christ modeled. He has a familiarity with the Bible that comes from having read it since childhood. Often in our early years together I would share with him some ancient principle of truth, and he would tell me where in the Bible that same principle or a similar one could be found. Through him, and our study together, I fell in love with the Bible. I have found in the rich diversity of characters in the Bible every imaginable part of my own mind described in detail. I have found that truth is truth wherever, or however, it is presented, and I've come to see that every doctrine has its piece of truth, although sometimes hidden behind veils of rhetoric and illusion.

I follow the voice of my inner teacher and Master and I apply the energetic understanding of the Universe that I learned about in Eastern and native philosophies to my way of understanding the profound teachings of the Bible. And yes, I believe that Christ is the son of God, and yes, I believe we are all children of God, and yes, I do believe there is a difference.

Manos mágicas...Magic hands....
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Again, returning to that image of our Creator as a Master Potter, I see how each of us is individually shaped in a particular way, with particular leanings, placed in particular circumstances, for a specific purpose. And since I know there are no coincidences in any thing that happens, I know that the shaping and placement of the vessel we each are is of intentional design, and I understand that Jesus was shaped by Creator Source to come to Earth as his own Son. Just as I was shaped, by that same Creator Source to be a finger pointing back to Source, and as a vessel destined to share from the unique vantage point that being caught between polarities gives, Jesus too was designed to be a Vessel meant to hold the holiest of holy energies; he was designed to be the body shaped specifically to hold and demonstrate for humanity the Divine Christ Energy in human form who was sent to consciously proclaim His (and our own) sonship to the Creator Source. He was designed to show us in flesh what we each are, a spiritual vessel, a temple for Source Energy that was designed for the purpose of praise and service of that same Creator Source.

I have come to understand through study and meditative practices certain governing principles of nature and Reality that teach, among other things, that the Universe is made-up of mental energy. The ancient mystics taught that everything that happens, now and always, happens in the Mind of the Creator Source. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1-2)

Where do words come from, if not from thoughts in the mind. The Word is the manifestation of Divine Thought in the Mind of the Creator. The Word is the energetic manifestation of thought. Every single thing we see, experience, and know is made of the same one substance: the substance of thought energy. We are all energetic extensions of Divine thought happening in the Mind of Source. Or so it seems to me.

And what's more, we, as co-creators are given the same right and privilege as our Creator Source, to create our reality through the thoughts we align with, and believe! Over and again, in the Bible, Christ compels his followers to “BELIEVE.” Some of the good news that Christ came to share was that all we need to do is BELIEVE “… to see the glory of God.” (John: 11:40).

“I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” (John 12: 44) What this means to me is that when we align with the Highest Energetic Frequency possible through belief, we align with Source, and the Light of a higher consciousness. Aligning with such a high frequency is how we protect ourselves from darkness. When we believe that we are thought expressions of the One Source, here with the opportunity to align with the role we were designed by Creator Source to play, we come into harmony with, and under the guidance of the One Universal Source of Energy that designed, created, moves and breathes us, and why wouldn't we want to align with That? I've chosen to say yes and believe. How about you?

Blessings, Lynne

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