What does it mean to live a principled life?


Attribution-NoDerivs License by alicepopkorn

Stressful situations are working opportunities for us to practice Universal principles. When we live our lives by certain tried and true principles things work out very smoothly for us. We are living what is known as a “principled life.”

A principled life comes about as a result of successfully applying spiritual principles to our everyday lives. We memorize universal laws and take them into every aspect of our life where we verify them through trial and error. Such a process is alchemy at its best. Through it we are slowly shaped and molded into a whole new being.This process of applying universal principles day to day changes us into higher and higher versions of our former ego selves.
When we approach life from this standpoint those situations that once troubled us become spiritual experiments for transformation instead. We get better and better at using our “issues” as a way to verify spiritual principles.

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