Noah walked with God ….

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I've mentioned before that every character in the Bible has relevance for us. We have within our psyche it's counterpart that relates to us.

Lately I've been reading and studying Noah and the message he brings to us about ourselves. Right off the bat, in the Genesis account of Noah and the flood, we are told who Noah was (and is in us). The Bible defines Noah as a righteous man who “… walked with God.” (Genesis 6:9)

He walked with God, what does that tell us? First I want to share a little something I found out about the word “with”….

When I looked in the Greek dictionary for the word “with” I found, not one word to describe it but five! There are five distinct words in the Greek language for the word “with.” Each word has it's own specific reference that determines how the word is used.

For example, there is the kind of “with” we speak of when we're “with the crowd at the beach” … as opposed to the form of “with” used to relay an idea of walking side by side with another, as in “… gone through the fires with ….. ” or “… faced the music with ….”

There's the “with” used to convey that we understand, i.e. “I'm with you on that point.” and there's also the use of “with” that describes pregnancy, as in “she is with child”; a more intimate use of the word, to be sure.

What I find truly awesome is that the Greek symbol used in Genesis to describe Noah denotes becoming or being “one with” the other. The Bible describes Noah as being one with God.

This tells me all I need to know about Noah and who he represents within us. He is that refined ego who, through daily interaction, has built a constant connection and ongoing dialog with Source. He is that in us that has willingly committed to open completely to the guidance received from that Inner Connection. Noah represents that in us that has surrendered all limiting, negative story about who we are and become one with our Source of origin. In doing so Source uses our eyes, mouth, mind and heart to experience the world and in exchange, we get to experience the world as Source does. We are absorbed into Source. We become one with God.

Noah represents that part of our mind that is totally focused on listening to the Inner Instruction; he is that in us that is able to disregard what the outside world may be saying or thinking about us and follow the Higher Call.

In this account Noah,(and therefore the logos or masculine aspect within us) is carefully instructed on exactly how to prepare and survive the “floods” of life.

I'll speak more on this if you're interested …. let me know by commenting below.

Blessings, Lynne

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