Abraham of the Old Testament

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License by Ryan Orr

I start each day with a meditation on a Bible Verse. Even difficult verses shed light when seen as representing our own psyche. Characters from the old testament have much to teach us when we reflect upon them in this light.

Abraham, for instance, is a primary character in the old testament. We begin to understand what he represents in us by looking at the meaning of his name. Ab is the Hebrew word for “father”, “Ra” was the name of the Egyption Sun God and is a symbol for the masculine principle and “ham” is a way of saying “begotten of”.

Abraham's name signifies that he was a begotten son of the Father. He never wavered in his faith and obedience to the Father, even when he was asked to sacrifice his own son (which was a foreshadowing of the crucifixion of Christ). He is a perfect symbol of surrender to a Greater Will.

Abraham represents our own Higher Self; he is that part of us that is in complete accord with and obedient to the One True Source. We can learn so much about the ways and attributes of what's possible for we who are also begotten of The Father by reading and meditating on the story of Abraham.

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