Victim Free Parenting, Ourselves & Our Children


Level 2 – Reality Formula Training™ Workshop

Saturday, October 5 – Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monteagle, Tennessee


Join Lynne Forrest for this powerful weekend as she takes you into her second level training workshop on Parenting. This offering is from her four-part Core Belief Series of educational, life-transforming, experiential, and totally inspiring two-day retreats, offered four times a year at Forest Haven in Monteagle, Tennessee. Each of the three advanced retreats present a deeper look into the three parts of our life where core beliefs rule (as introduced through the Basic Core Belief Workshop): body, mind, and relationship. This particular retreat delves deeply into our parenting/relational patterns with one another, our children, and ourselves. *You need not have attended a Level I workshop to attend this event.


Are You Ready To…

~ Better understand the way you were parented, as well as how to parent better?

~ Deal with the ‘bullies’ in your life?

~ Set boundaries without making enemies?

~ Be more loving to yourself and your loved ones?

~ Feel more peace and harmony in the midst of family dysfunction?

~ Know when it’s time to leave a relationship, and when it’s time to stay?

~ Win your childs willing cooperation?

~ Encourage your children to accept reality, without constant resistance?



We will accept a limited number of children (age 5 – 14) participate in this retreat with their parent(s). Young children (under age 9) will participate in their own ‘Conscious Kids Camp' during the retreat, older children will be expected to attend regular workshop activities.

One family will be chosen to participate in a special family session during the workshop to discover and address their limited family patterns. All children and adults attending the retreat will participate in a special session designed to explore and reframe limiting family beliefs, as a way to learn about their own unhappy belief patterns.


Two-Day workshop at Forest Haven Retreat Center.
Gourmet vegetarian lunches and all materials are included in tuition fee:

$500 Individual * $950 Couples
$150 per child under 12
Family Members (residing together) over 12 are
$350 for first, and $250 each additional member

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DSC_0519_2Lynne Forrest, is the author of a new book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, and has been teaching people for over thirty years about their own core belief cycle – that negative downward spiraling pattern that holds us captive in painful ideas (core beliefs) about ourselves and the world around us, that limits our life expression, and promotes victim consciousness. We all have limiting core beliefs! Too often, they run our lives, bringing painful consequences which include alienation, poor communication, low self esteem and depression.

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