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The Reality Formula For Kids™ is a simple and highly effective teaching model designed for every kid (and grown-up too) to help us become self-responsible, self-accountable, self-initiating, and self-regulating. The best thing about RFFK is that it WORKS with everyone, age four and up, regardless of their intelligence or capability level! It works because it is a practical approach that is based on Reality.

RFFK has 7 Steps to Happiness (listed below) for kids to learn how to change attitudes of resistance and outrage to calm acceptance of what is. As parents, teachers, and professionals working with kids, we learn to lead the way by applying to ourselves the same principles that align us with Reality.

You can also download a free copy of The 7 Steps to Freedom from Unhappy Kid Consciousness which is suitable for printing at the bottom of this page.


7 Steps to a Happy Kid

  1. Observe what you’re thinking. Notice that it is your thoughts that make you feel and act happy, or unhappy.
  2. Accept reality. Reality is just the way it is. Even though we can’t control reality, we can choose how we think about it.
  3. Choose to befriend reality and be happy, or fight it, and become an Unhappy Kid.
  4. Choose happier thoughts to replace your unhappy thoughts. Remember unhappy thoughts often lead to negative consequences.
  5. Be kind to others. Remember, when we mistreat others, we feel bad, and they do too.
  6. Own your part. When you learn from your mistakes you are a Happy Kid.
  7. Be respectful. Recognize the difference between what’s your business and what is not.

Click here to Download a free, printable copy of 7 Steps to a Happy Kid [PDF] to use at home or in your class­room for a more peaceful and harmonious way of relating with others, and yourself.

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