Noblemen’s Group

The Noblemen Group
Men Choosing Self-Accountability & Awakening

We are not beginners, but seasoned travelers on the journey to remembering who we are; spiritual beings having a human experience. This is a group of men, like you, who understand and are applying Universal Law to their lives.

The Noblemen's Group is a place where:

  • Self-Forgiveness and Self-Accountability combine to transform consciousness.

  • We uncover the limiting beliefs that hold us back from becoming our best selves.

  • We take courage from one another to fully own where we are right now, in order to expand beyond it.

  • We explore how we have sacrificed our well-being in past relationships and begin to discover and practice what it is to love without giving up our sovereignty.

  • We remember who we are behind the defenses that previously defined us.

  • We uncover old unconscious patterns and reframe new ways of seeing life.

  • We practice saying YES to the adventure of life, by turning our fears into anticipation.

  • We see possibilities where once we only saw problems.

  • Our fears, our weaknesses, our shadow is allowed to be seen, and felt.

  • We can say what's on our mind and ask the hard questions.

  • The quest is more valuable than the answers.

  • All parts of the human life are seen as purposeful, with a right to be expressed.

  • Men are encouraged to choose their life path, and then live it out, fully.

  • We remember what we are made of.

Let's create a safe place … where we can be real, be honest and honor who we truly are.

The Noblemen are calling.

You are invited.

Fee: Pay as you go, once a month, $79 per monthly session

The Group meets every third Thursday of the month, unless otherwise decided, due to holidays or special events.

Time: 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific Time/12pm Mountain Time/1pm Central Time.

If you have an automatic payment scheduled, and you know you will not be available to attend group for a week or more,
let us know 48 hours (by email: [email protected]) before your payment is processed, so we can skip your payment for that month.

The Noblemen’s group is a confidential, online setting of a select few men who feel the call and desire to sit in counsel with other men of integrity.
Men who believe in the transforming power of self-revelation, and deeply desire to feel the inner peace that fills the space where self-accusation once prevailed.

Members of the Noblemen's Group are encouraged to participate as long as they desire, and benefit.

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Lynne Forrest: Lynne is a leader and pioneer in the field of Victim Consciousness. Her original work in recognizing victim consciousness as a widespread epidemic with its own set of definable and recognizable characteristics has revolutionized her approach with clients and transforms lives of her clients. She is recognized for her work with dysfunctional families dealing with co-dependency issues. She is highly regarded as a non-traditional psychotherapist who has been in private practice for more than thirty years, and is widely known for her empathy, compassion and practical approach in dealing with life issues.

Andrew Guilfoil is a multi-business owner, as well as a Life Coach and Mentor. During the 1990’s Andrew began to work with Lynne Forrest, his mother, in workshop settings. Eventually, he became an integral part of the clients' therapeutic experience, and a vital part of Lynne's workshop team, often co-facilitating alongside Lynne using his intuitive and experience-based skills to help clients find and unwind painful beliefs that they carried in their body. Together, Lynne and Andrew developed a breath and physical unwinding process that is therapeutic, and highly effective in helping clients to release emotional and physical patterns in the body.

In 2017, Andrew completed a seven-week course in The Reality Formula, a process developed by Lynne Forrest for moving clients beyond limited beliefs (victim consciousness) using Universal Laws to align with and co-create, rather than resist, reality.

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