Healing The Victim Pattern Through Observer Consciousness


Core Belief Workshop – Level One
Reality Formula Training©
May 11 – 12, 2013
For­est Haven Retreat
Mon­tea­gle, Tennessee


Lynne will present the Reality Formula©, a step by step process designed to move us from a state of victim consciousness to  a more positive realignment with ourselves and Reality. Lynne shares basic guiding principles of Reality that serve as an antidote for victim consciousness and that show the way for living life free of the victim triangle. The Reality Formula© is a process that prompts major shifts in consciousness. These are the same guiding principles that Lynne uses to keep herself consciously aligned with Reality, and that led her to physical, as well as mental and emotional transformation. These principles have been used by countless clients since to enhance inner peace and harmony with others.

Join Lynne for this two day work­shop to learn how to recognize when you are operating in victim consciousness (a mental state we are in anytime we see the external world as keeping us from happiness). Learn about your core beliefs and how they hook you onto the victim triangle and learn effective tools for transforming them. Lynne will guide you through a body aware­ness practice that will help you to iden­tify your physical vic­tim patterns and share with you body methods, such as guided imagery, yoga and qigong, designed to help you break free from Vic­tim Consciousness and cul­ti­vat­e peace and self-empowerment instead.

Dur­ing these two days you will …

* Explore your primary role on the Reality Mat, and learn how your family moves around it
* Discover your own Core Belief Cycle and the personal reality you have created with them
* Learn how to transform bullying dynamics in your family and work place
*Learn a Reality Formula for transforming Victim Consciousness
* Learn Body Align­ment Meth­ods that can radically change your relationship with your own body
* Expe­ri­ence Powerful Guided Imagery that can shift your perception to a higher consciousness
* Expe­ri­ence Inner Peace & Meditative Calmness
* Restore your Spir­i­tual Con­nec­tion
* Enjoy Gourmet Veg­e­tar­ian Lunches
* Enjoy Mind/Body Rejuvenation

*We have limited registration available to participants who want to bring their children, ages 4-12, to attend their own Reality Formula experience, a day camp experience facilitated by “Poppy,” Daniel Lee (Lynne's husband) and their adult daughter, Brooke, who uses the Reality Formula principles in her approach with kids.

*As a professional, you will learn new and powerfully effective tools for facilitating personal growth in your own clients

The work­shop takes  place at For­est Haven Retreat in beau­ti­ful Mon­tea­gle, Ten­nessee.

CEU’s are now avail­able with Lynne’s work­shops!

Lodg­ing is not included but is available (as space allows) for an additional fee (space is limited to 10 beds).

$500 Indi­vid­ual / $950 Cou­ples / additional family members, $150 per child ( up to 2 children) and $75 for each additional child over 2, per family. (Registration for families is limited. Register early!)

$150 / $200 non-refundable deposit is required to register.

Click below to reg­is­ter, or for more infor­ma­tion please call (423)544‑9890 or email [email protected]

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Psy­chol­o­gists com­plet­ing this pro­gram receive four­teen Con­tin­u­ing Edu­ca­tion Hours credit. CES main­tains respon­si­bil­ity for this program.

Social Work­ers and Licensed Pro­fes­sional Coun­selors com­plet­ing this pro­gram receive four­teen Con­tin­u­ing Edu­ca­tion Hours credit. Com­mon­wealth Edu­ca­tional Sem­i­nars (CES), provider #1117 is approved as a provider for con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion by the Asso­ci­a­tion of Social Work Boards 400 South Ridge Park­way, Suite B, Culpep­per, VA 22701. www.aswb.org.


Lynne For­rest, is the author of a new book, Guid­ing Prin­ci­ples for Life Beyond Vic­tim Con­scious­ness, and has been teach­ing peo­ple for over thirty years about their own core belief cycle — that neg­a­tive down­ward spi­ral­ing pat­tern that holds us cap­tive in painful ideas (core beliefs) about our­selves and the world around us, that lim­its our life expres­sion, and pro­motes vic­tim con­scious­ness. We all have lim­it­ing core beliefs! Too often, they run our lives, bring­ing painful con­se­quences which include alien­ation, poor com­mu­ni­ca­tion, low self esteem and depression.

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