Beliefs in the Body

Releasing Our Unhappy Core Beliefs And Finding Alignment

Level III Workshop


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October 11 – 12, 2014

Level III Workshop
Forest Haven Retreat

Monteagle Mountain, Tennessee

After our last workshop at Forest haven, the team decided that we could continue to use Forest Haven for this particular workshop, as it offers an ideal setting for this unique type of work.. alas, maybe Forest Haven hasn't been completely retired yet.. just slowing things down a  bit. 🙂

Join Lynne Forrest and Andrew Guilfoil for this 2-day workshop and explore chronic, negative habits of alignment and posture and begin a process of unwinding the life-limiting stories that hold us in the misalignment of Victim Consciousness.



During this intensive you will…

  • Explore the Victim Triangle

  • Discover Your Core Beliefs

  • Learn Body Alignment Methods

  • Practice Supreme Science Qigong

  • Experience Potent Guided Imageries

  • Enjoy Gourmet Vegetarian Meals

  • Experience Inner Peace & Calm

  • Restore Your Spiritual Connection

  • Enjoy Mind/Body Rejuvenation


Over the years, Lynne has continued to evolve ways to get in touch with and release negative core beliefs and support human transformation toward a consciousness of peace and harmony within and without. Her process is one that helps to unwind the victim energy pattern we all hold in our physical body and to release the core beliefs associated with that pattern.



Lynne Forrest, is the author of the book Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, and has been teaching people for over thirty years about their own core belief cycle – that negative downward spiraling pattern that holds us captive in painful ideas (core beliefs) about ourselves and the world around us, that limits our life expression, and promotes victim consciousness. We all have limiting core beliefs. Too often, these core beliefs can run our lives, bringing painful consequences which include alienation, poor communication, low self esteem and depression.



Lynne & Andrew

Lynne & Andrew are a mother-son team. They have joined forces to bring you this powerful experience of healing the mind through the body.

Andrew’s years of experience as a professional massage therapist & Master Teacher of Ballet is combined with Lynne’s twenty-seven years working in the field with the mind-body connection. Together they show us how our bodies operate as energetic blueprints for the mind, and about how to bring our minds and bodies into right alignment for the purpose of facilitating physical and mental healing.

When you attend this workshop, you'll discover how to move out of your own victim pattern and into alignment with the healing power of Source energy.

You'll also Bring your body into alignment with your thoughts and spiritual center and this is an important, if not essential, step in freeing ourselves from victim consciousness!

If you want to lead a healthier, more empowered life, this two-day experience will serve as a potent launching place for your new beginning.

The goal for the weekend is to learn how to identify and re-frame the negative beliefs you hold by using a process that will help bring you into alignment with your own best self and Source. This practice that Lynne and Andrew teach will bring you both inner peace and physical rejuvenation.


Saturday, October 11 through Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cost is $500, Couples are $950

Gourmet Vegetarian lunches included.

Limited Registration (Maximum of 22 attendees)

$150 non-refundable deposit ($200 for two or more) required to hold your space.


For more information, email us at: [email protected]

[You need not have attended a Level I  or a Level II Workshop to attend this Level III Workshop.]


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