Walking on Water …

Have you noticed how easy it is to be blown off track by wayward negativity and the resulting emotional storm that follows? We can be riding the waves, gathering momentum, and feeling totally free and joyful one minute and then suddenly, in the next moment, find ourselves floundering, and feeling rolled about in a sea of fear!

We are a lot like Peter in the Bible, when Christ bid him to “Come” walk on water . Like Peter in the Bible (Matthew 14:22-33) we can be walking on calm emotional waters  one minute, feeling confident and fearless, only to start sinking fast when a wave of fear and doubt suddenly appears, coming between us and the Source of our Faith.

Internal faith is often like that, have you noticed? Some little something will suddenly come between us and that which we believe in, and suddenly we sink.

The question is what we choose to put our faith in at that moment of wavering; do we reach for what is real (Truth/Source/Universal Law) or do we choose instead to believe in the fear based stories that run in our minds that generate angst, and isolation instead? It is when we turn to these fear based lies, that we sink to the bottom in despair.

Why not choose to believe in immutable spiritual truths that promise safety, guidance, and reminds us that everything has purpose, and serves our growth and expansion – even during those moments when we cannot see the Way. This is how we build the faith that allows us to walk on top of the waves of fear and chaos that threaten to take us under… and takes us to safety instead.


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