Experiential Support Groups

Lynne offers various types of group for those who want to explore and deal with their negative core beliefs and childhood set-ups. This format is for those dealing with issues such as overeating, chemical dependency and other addictions, as well as relationship and family dysfunction of all kinds. Rather than seeing life choices as “right” or “wrong,” Lynne encourages each individual to see their dilemmas as part of a life process. Individuals are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their behaviors and choices and are led to explore options and possible consequences. Complete description of Lynne's work.

As Lynne has recently moved to Florida, the group gathers together locally, while Lynne joins the group via Zoom (similar to Skype).

Also, If you would like to host a weekly experiential group in your area, that Lynne could facilitate via Skype or Zoom, feel free to contact us, and we will see if it is a possibility! [email protected]

Fees are on a contract basis.

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