Philosophy of Commitment

Every one has an optimal growth pace and finding that pace is part of the learning process. Progress is uniquely individual. I've found that clients that benefit most from this process are those willing to commit the time and perseverance to fully doing the priceless and essential work of getting to know self, whether that means journaling, guided individual work or a long term group commitment. When there is a full investment in the process then it becomes life-changing. It is a process that requires the willingness to confront our unconscious places. At the same time, there is no right or wrong way to do the work. There is no pat formula for success.

Each individual must find the way that works best for them. There is however, a universal block to progress and that is the tendency to become critical and judgmental of the things we are discovering about ourselves. When we do that, the pain of illumination becomes too great, causing us to slide back into denial and unconsciousness.

My commitment to you is to practice an attitude of unconditional acceptance as I hold up the mirror for you to see yourself more fully. Your challenge is to learn to love yourself regardless of what you see there. This is the ultimate commitment – to learn to be gentle with yourself even as you uncover, perhaps unattractive, dysfunctional defenses from your past. My goal is to offer a safe environment for you that is conducive to growth and personal exploration. In return I expect you to take 100% responsibility for your own recovery and life process as you become increasingly aware of the ways you have not done so in the past. By initiating a process of personal growth you are truly embarking on your very own “hero's journey”. It is a journey that only you can take.

I am willing to walk along beside you for short stints and point out stumbling blocks as I see them. But I can only provide guidance and suggestions. You are the expert on you and that means that you must be the one who decides if those suggestions are right for you. You are the ultimate authority on your process.

My commitment is to respect your right to choose your own direction and not try to enforce some idea I might have of what you need. I will support you in learning to better trust your life decisions however, by teaching you how to attune with your innermost truth. The first step towards beginning a more positive relationship with yourself and the world around you is to contact me for a personal interview. I invite you to take that step soon.

Mentoring is available by phone, Skype, or over the internet using Zoom. Go to the Coaching Tab, and scroll down to the “Book Appointment” button to schedule online, or contact me by: email [email protected] for more information.

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