What is Vic­tim Consciousness?

Wel­come to our Con­scious Liv­ing site, the home page for author, Lynne For­rest, spe­cially designed to intro­duce you to the life-changing prin­ci­ples she shares through writ­ten word, and life retreats.Lynne’s work defines and shows us how to trans­form vic­tim consciousness.

Vic­tim con­scious­ness is defined as an unhappy story we believe that prompts us to see the world out­side us as being the cause of our mis­ery, leav­ing us feel­ing at the mercy of those who “make us feel bad,” “hold us back,” hurt, abuse, or con­trol us.

Most of us assume this is the way life is: i.e. us at the mercy of our life cir­cum­stances, but such a per­spec­tive will not bring us lib­er­a­tion, much less inner peace, inner joy, or outer har­mony with others.

There is another way of see­ing. Lynne’s work intro­duces you to a way of life that will rad­i­cally change the way you relate to your­self, and the world around you.

Through Lynne’s writ­ing you will learn how your mind, like all minds, holds pre­con­ceived, often painfully lim­ited, and lim­it­ing, pat­terns of thought, called core-beliefs, that hold you pris­oner in an unkind inner, and frus­trat­ing outer, mind-made, per­sonal reality.

Through Lynne’s blog, you can learn prin­ci­ples and ways of trans­form­ing those lim­it­ing ideas to a higher fre­quency state of con­scious­ness that will deliver you into an inner state of peace, both with your­self, and the world around you.

You will find Lynne’s per­sonal jour­ney shared here through her blog and arti­cles. In her own words, “I think of us humans as being ener­getic beings hav­ing an ongo­ing dia­log with a Liv­ing Intel­li­gence that totally sup­ports us on our life jour­ney by bring­ing us con­scious­ness expand­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties that chal­lenge old lim­it­ing ideas of who we are towards the goal of help­ing us remem­ber our true identity.”

I see my role in the world as being much like the lit­tle kid in the story about the Emperor who wore no clothes, who alone thought to announce the obvi­ous, shout­ing into the crowd, “… but he is naked!”

I sim­ply share the tools, resources, and a process for using them, that con­tin­ues to work for me, and for all those around me who use them too.”

I have been blessed to watch how the mes­sage I bring trans­forms lives, my own, and those close to me; my own chil­dren, grand­chil­dren, as well as other fam­ily, friends and clients, are liv­ing fuller, hap­pier lives in tune with Real­ity, and in closer har­mony with Source.”

So wel­come to our home base: a place where true per­sonal change is ini­ti­ated and sup­ported through writ­ten resources, live events, retreats, and train­ings, as well as per­sonal oppor­tu­ni­ties for pri­vate inter­ac­tion with Lynne.