The Circle of Grace

The Community of Grace will be an online community for those who want to expand their consciousness and become more aware of what and how we create our personal reality.

We will begin our community online with a membership group called Circle of Grace. This group will meet twice a month with me, Lynne Forrest. 


But that is only the beginning!


Also included in the Membership will be a journaling lab, for those sleepless nights when your process is pulling you around. You can write or record your inner process, your dreams, or worries and hopes, where other members can share their thoughts with you, too. There will also be opportunities to apprentice under me, for those who want to learn more about sharing this work with others. 


For those of you who want to apprentice, I will offer live classes (that will be recorded for future classes), so that you can study alongside Lynne, and ask questions during the class.

Those of you who join me at the beginning of this journey will be known as the Founding Members. As Founding Members, you will have the opportunity to join Lynne live, experiencing such topics as:

  • The Victim Triangle
  • Victim Consciousness
  • Family of Origin
  • Core Beliefs
  • Your Core Belief Map
  • Universal Laws Which Shape Our Reality

All of these topics, and more, which you will be able to participate in with me, and gain awareness of the limited story you came to experience and expand from, if you choose.


My team and I envision a growing Community of Grace where people come together to give and receive support in learning how to apply universal Guiding Principles to their personal lives in order to cultivate meaningful life experiences and influence others to do the same.

As a Founding member, you will get to consciously participate in co-creating with us the program we will be passing on to future members.  

Here, in this circle, you will be able to awaken to your origin story as the vehicle to remember who you are beyond the limited version you may be carrying of yourself as a wounded self. 


Circle of Grace will be a place where you can heal and grow to become a mentor within the Circle.

Teachers of this Work will experience personal transformation, learning the Universal Laws which will allow us to see the essential purpose and goodness that is ever present in every encounter.

Do you feel the call to be a part of our Circle of Grace?


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